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“London made my dreams a reality”

For Chinese student Chen Shiyun, the unusual starting point for her contemporary jewellery collection, Skin, is skin disease. Shortlisted for the Mayor of London’s International Student Innovation Award, Study London spoke to Shiyun about her time in London.

“London is one of the top cities to live and study. As well as the benefits of the art scene in London, there is also a lot more choice compared to other cities,” Shiyun said.  A student on the BA Jewellery Design course at University of the Arts Central Saint Martins (CSM), Shiyun’s education in London helped make her dreams a reality. Shiyun explained: “Central Saint Martins is innovative and regarded as an icon globally – that’s the reason I came to study in London. As well as having the top facilities, CSM is full of fantastic people with incredible ideas which has helped me to become more creative.”

Motivated by personal experience, Shiyun’s collection – which includes rings, hand jewellery and arm and body pieces – aims to give meaning to body decoration.

“Personal experience is the starting point for my jewellery collection, Skin. I wanted to add meaning to a 3D object – so that it’s both body decoration and also a way to transmit information. Skin disease is often regarded as disturbing and visually appalling. Blisters and dead skin not only alter the look and shape of our body but also how others perceive us,” Shiyun said.

Shiyun continued: “By using a variety of precious and non-precious materials imitating the colour and texture of skins diseases, such as lupus and shingles, my aim is to create beautiful jewellery which is far removed from the original theme.”

Summing up her London experience, Shiyun said: “The London lifestyle is chic and multi-cultural. London has totally transformed my life. It is not only a place to study – it is also about changing your outlook and your lifestyle.” Interested in jewellery courses in London? Check out the Study London course guide for more information.

“Get ready because this is going to be great.”

  As the deadline to apply for the MESCyT scholarship for overseas study approaches one of last year’s scholarship recipients – Deborah Guerrero – gives her thoughts on her overseas adventure and explains why students should look to London for an amazing international experience. Deborah Guerrero is currently studying for her Masters in Arts Management […]

London – The fashion capital of the world

London has once again dominated the Fashion Schools Rankings, with five schools featuring in the top 10, more than any other city in the world. Central Saint Martin’s has retained number one spot in the rankings that look at three key factors; learning experience, influence and value. Also featured in the world’s top 10 are […]

London education has transformed my life

For Egyptian student Ehab Sayed, nature has been the source of inspiration for his new approach to construction. Shortlisted for the Mayor of London’s International Student Innovation Award, Study London spoke to Ehab about his innovation and his time in London. “I am an Egyptian who was born and raised in Qatar in the Middle […]

UCAS Undergraduate Application Deadline – 15th January 2017

If you’re thinking about studying in London from September 2017, don’t forget that Friday 15 January is the deadline for UCAS applications for most undergraduate courses. ‘UCAS‘, the Universities and Colleges Admissions Service, is the official UK government approved application service for undergraduate courses at UK universities. International students who want to study in London should register on UCAS […]

“There are a lot more innovative, progressive and non-conventional courses in London”

With almost a third of the British population reducing the amount of meat they eat, Study London caught up with Hanan Alkouh to talk about meat substitutes. Shortlisted for the Mayor of London’s International Student Innovation Award, Hanan’s Sea-meat Seaweed project explores the possibility of a world without meat. Originally from Kuwait, Hanan studied for […]

“Studying in London gives you amazing exposure to giant companies as well as start-ups”

London welcomed nearly 4,000 French students last year, who are studying in higher education institutions across the city. Study London spoke to three of the French finalists in the Mayor of London’s International Student Innovation Award about why they chose to study in London. Félicie Eymard always dreamed of studying in London. The creator of […]

London is the place to be for artificial intelligence

With London emerging as a global hub for artificial intelligence (AI), Study London caught up with computing student Osama Rama about the passion for robotics which brought him to London. Shortlisted for the Mayor of London’s International Student Innovation Award for his robot, Oizuu, Osama is doing a masters course in Computing and AI at […]

Looking for an international business hub? Come to London!

For Nigerian student Dr Eyenimi Ndiomu, London’s position as an international business hub is one of the key benefits of studying in London. Founder of Ubenwa – a mobile app that detects whether a newborn baby is struggling to breathe – Eyenimi was recently shortlisted for the International Student Innovation Award. Before coming to London, […]

London is a dream city and a hub for design

Indian student Surabhi Mittal comments on her experience of studying in the capital For Indian student Surabhi Mittal, her passion for design lead her to London to study at University of the Art’s Central Saint Martins. Shortlisted for the inaugural International Student Innovation Award for her Paper Mache Tea Set, Surabhi spoke to Study London […]

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