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Nerves are normal – Our top 5 ways to deal with them


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Many international students feel nervous at the prospect of unfamiliar life when coming to study in the UK. Whilst this is perfectly normal, nerves should not be the overarching emotion when embarking on an exciting new chapter of your life.

Thorough preparation is often the best strategy to conquer these nerves. By being aware of what to expect you can enjoy both studying and living abroad. Here are five essential tips for international students choosing to study in the UK.

1. Go social

If you know someone who has already studied or worked abroad, talk to them and learn from their experience. If you don’t know anyone, explore resources and information on the internet. Many people before you have shared the same concerns as you and the internet is full of useful information written by those who have gone through the exact same process. You can also contact your university for specific information regarding the course, accommodation and what to expect in and around campus. Most UK universities have local advisors who specialise in assisting overseas students studying in the UK.

2. Ensure your paper work is in order

Ensuring you have all the relevant documentation and paperwork in order is crucial and will help to alleviate stress. Remember, once you have all your documentation and paperwork in place, store it, along with your passport, in a safe place.

3. Know your accommodation options

Research your accommodation options before arriving in the UK. Usually there will be information on university and local accommodation available on a university’s website, whilst more detailed information can be sought from student support offices within each university. You can also research accommodation options on

4. Set up a UK bank account

If you are planning on staying in the UK beyond a few months, we recommend you set up a UK bank account that will allow you to pay your bills and keep your money safe. Credit checks in the UK are complex and requirements for opening an account can be strict. Here is some helpful information about opening an account in the UK.

5. Set up your phone for use in the UK

Like many countries in Asia, Africa and Europe, the UK operates on the standard GSM band, therefore, your current phone is likely to work in the UK. However, we would advise you change your SIM card to a UK one while studying in the UK. Failure to do this will likely result in large phone bills as calling home or locally will be charged at a much higher rate.

London is a very welcoming student city and you will soon feel at home here. We are excited to welcome you to study in London.

You can find more helpful information on the Study London blog where you will get all the latest news from London’s universities.


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