UCAS University Clearing for International Students

UK Clearing Advice for International Students

Every summer, thousands of international students successfully apply to study in London via Clearing. Here’s our guide to applying to a London university during Clearing.

What is clearing?

Clearing is a university application service available for undergraduate students between July and September every year. During the Clearing period, students can apply for courses which still have places for entry this September.

You can use Clearing if you have applied via UCAS but have not received any offers from universities or if you have declined all of your offers. You can also use Clearing if you have not applied via UCAS before.

Can international students apply via clearing?

Yes, international students applying for undergraduate courses can apply to study in London using Clearing if they do not already hold an offer from a UK university.

Students applying for a postgraduate degree must apply directly to their chosen university. Clearing and UCAS are for undergraduate students only.

How do I apply through clearing?

If you have already applied via UCAS this year but you have not received any offers or declined all offers, you can simply log back in to UCAS and resume your application.

If you have not applied via UCAS before, you can still use Clearing. Simply register on the UCAS website and your application will be entered into Clearing.

How do I find available courses?

You will be able to view a full list of courses between mid-August and mid-September on UCAS and the Telegraph website. You can also contact universities directly to find out about available courses.

When does clearing end?

The final deadline for applications to 2014 courses is 20 September 2014.

However, international students who require a visa to study in the UK must consider whether they will be able to receive their visa before the course start date.

If you do not have a course offer at the end of clearing you will need to re-apply for courses starting in September the following year. There are also a small number of university courses starting in January or February.

What Next?

You can use our London university course search to find the perfect course for you and contact the university to find out if spaces are available.

When you know what universities and courses you want to apply to, visit the UCAS website and start your Clearing application.


First published July 2012, edited July 2014

57 comments on “UCAS University Clearing for International Students

  1. roseangel says:

    i want to apply for MBBS , so how can i apply and in which university i should apply .. need advice

  2. Uriel says:

    I would like to know which university offers a master degree… I’m an English teacher

  3. sara says:

    i wanna to study in london city, and i loved braitain so much , can someone help me , i have the baccalaureat 2010 , and i study in economics

  4. I am a young Egyptian am 21 years old graduated from high school in 2010 and I want to complete college and attend the University of London and the study of Economics and Political Science. And study the English language. Through the grant. I want to know and bricks required and the cost of the study.

  5. Abdul Rahman Baker says:

    I’m from Egypt and I want a scholarship in the medallion to London to study English. Is it possible to me to receive lessons through the internet and at the tests go to London?

    • Study London says:

      Hello Abdul – it depends on your current qualifications. You can take English Language tests online and also some full courses (search for “distance learning courses in London”). If your current grades do not meet the entry requirements for a full degree, you may be able to study a foundation course in London first. You can find all of these courses using our course search (top right of this page). Good luck, Study London

  6. colleta says:

    My son is 20 years old, graduated from high school (A Levels) in 2010, he got an offer at one of the Universities in London but we cannot afford the fees. Are there any scholarships or bursaries that can help him with his tuition and accomodation? He is meant to start in September 2012.Please help me and my son. We are from Zimbabwe.

    • Study London says:

      Hello Colleta, that’s great news that your son received an offer. Did the university offer you any scholarships or suggestions? You could also try the national database of UK scholarships here. Whilst there are lots of scholarships available, there is also a very large number of students seeking scholarships so it can be a time consuming task searching for a suitable scholarship. Good luck.

  7. Harsh says:

    I am a post graduate in Renewable Energy Technologies. I am interested in doing research in London. Can someone provide me the research institutes there for research in this field?

  8. Kejela Mekonen says:

    I want to study my Masters program related with civil engineering so how can I get the application?

  9. abdul says:

    can you tell me if possible, student’s from Somalia who graduated universities in Somalia can get or offer the universities in London? with scholarships or without scholarships.
    thank you.

  10. aqeel says:

    I am postgraduate, I want to Study in hotel management, please advise to me which time is best to this type of study, thanx

  11. Djiba fofana says:

    i wanna study in london i am doing International Business at Limkokwing University in Malaysia so i am looking for the good University in london but i don’t know which university is the best and cheap,thanks

  12. Chris Herman says:

    Hello iam 20yrz old completed my high school last year and would like you with the admission details.i am currently residing in Swaziland and my course i would like to pursue is International Relations in History and Political Science in Faculty Of Humanities.

  13. Aminu Hamza Kankara says:

    I’m a graduate student, read chemistry.I want to pursue my post grad studies in the uk. Wondering are there universities offering masters in chemistry? And is it must I present Toefl before I can get admission? Thank you.

  14. Dembo Darboe says:

    I want to study electrical engineering in london. Can i please know the most suitable university around?

  15. yamrot Jemal says:

    I want to study my masters Degree in sociology an london .Can i know which university i can apply and what process to foloow

  16. abdul rashid murtala says:

    i am HND holder with GPA of 2.94 will i get the chance to be admitted to any university in the UK?

  17. shavilashni devi says:

    I want to apply for postgraduate course what should i have to qualify….i am from the fiji islands

    • Study London says:

      Hello Shavilashni – entry requirements for London universities differ depending on the course and university you choose. Here’s an example of the entry requirements for Fijian students at the University of East London:

      A bachelor’s degree from the University of Fiji or National University of Fiji with a GPA of 4.0 or a postgraduate diploma with a GPA of 3.0 or a a bachelor’s degree from the University of the South Pacific (USP) with a GPA of at least 3.0 in the 200- and 300-level courses of the relevant discipline (where applicable) or other recognised award.

      I would recommend searching for courses and then taking a look at the international office pages of your favourite university’s website – they will usually give you a guide similar to the one above. Good luck.

  18. alhad hossain says:

    Hello I completed a Bangladesh HSC in 2010. Can you tell me how I get admission in BBA in London?

  19. misgun says:

    I want to study my master degree in adult nurse in London. Can you tell me which university I can apply to and what process to follow?

  20. Amina says:

    Hello there! I just want to know if i still can apply? Is it too late now?

  21. SHAMSU ALIYU says:

    I want to study bachelor degree in adult nurse in London. Can you tell me which university I can apply to and what process to follow?

    • Study London says:

      Hi Shamsu – the best place to start is our course finder, this will help you find which London universities you can apply to. When you have found a degree you like, click on the “Enquire” button to ask questions and begin your application.

  22. husein says:

    i want study bachelor degree tell me some infotmation to apply

  23. Neel says:

    I am an american student who is looking to go to University in the UK. I did not get an offer from the Universities I chose. What do I do now? I have heard about the clearing system but do not know how it works. I want to study Business/Economics.

  24. Kelvin says:

    I am a Hong Kong student and I applied undergraduate programme in UK through UCAS. Can I apply clearing programme in July once I found my result cannot meet the conditions offered by the universities I had selected? Or I need to wait until mid-August ?

    • Study London says:

      Hi Kelvin, the Clearing process is already open at some universities. However, UCAS and the Telegraph will only publish the course vacancies from mid-August. If you have already received your results and want to gain a place through Clearing, you will need to contact the universities directly to find out what courses they currently have on offer. Please bear in mind that the UK A-level results are released in mid-August and it will be at this point that most universities will know how many places they still have available.

    • shamsu aliyu says:

      i want to study a good university of London because of good education

  25. francis says:

    Thank you first of all for this opportunity, I am eager to study in the UK, I have completed my first degree and wish to pursue my master. I really need a help to do that…..thank you

  26. doe solomon says:

    i would like you to know when i can apply for 2015 admissions takes place and how can i apply. Thank you.

    • Study London says:

      Hello, applications for September 2015 will open in September 2014. For undergraduate courses, please apply through UCAS. For postgraduate courses, you apply directly to the university. Good luck!

  27. sena says:

    Hello…is there any chance I can get into a post graduate program with an undergraduate gpa of 2.94….especially in economics?

    • Study London says:

      Hi Sena, yes you should be able to find a university that will accept you with a GPA of 2.94. When you look at university websites, look for entry requirements for students from the US as these are usually stated in GPA form.

  28. sena says:

    I am a ghanaian with 2.94 undergraduate gpa. what are my chances of getting into a finance masters programme in the UK?

    • Study London says:

      Hi Sena, each university has different entry requirements so you will need to check the university’s website for the specific information. You can use the course search to see which universities in London offer the course you are interested it.

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