Cash in on London’s part-time work opportunities

Working part-time while studying can help pay for your living costs and it also looks great on your CV. And if you are hoping to stay in the UK after you graduate, work experience will help you get the all-important job offer you need.

International students are  allowed to work while studying if they study at a university or college that is listed on both the official UKVI Sponsor list and the list of ‘recognised bodies’. The Tier 4 (General) student visa will allow you to work up to 20 hours during term time and full-time during vacation periods. However, if your course is below degree level, you study at a further education college or your institution is not listed on the lists above, you will not be allowed to work during your studies.

Students who do not require a visa to study in the UK, such as European Citizens, can work in the UK without any restrictions.

Find Part-time Student Jobs in London

When you arrive in London, make an appointment with the careers office at your university. Most universities have online job portals where student jobs are being advertised, including jobs directly at the university.

You can also search online, try websites such as Careers Group London, Employment 4 students or StudentJob.

Popular part-time jobs

Student ambassador: Most universities employ their students to act as ambassadors for the university. This is a great job in which you get to represent your university by leading campus tours, meeting visitors to the university, giving presentations and helping out at events.

Student union: Each university in the UK has a student union which runs many different clubs and societies as well as managing social spaces at the university. There are many part-time jobs for students, from bar work to events management.

Student research assistants: Universities in London are well-known for their research excellence. Many universities offer students the opportunity to work on research projects as research assistants. If you are considering a career in academia, this is a great way to gain relevant work experience.

Office work: London is home to thousands of businesses in which you can find office and reception work. International students are often valued for their language skills, particularly at the many international companies in London.

Read more information about working during and after your studies here.

91 comments on “Cash in on London’s part-time work opportunities

  1. Lizo says:

    l am a young man aged 21,l have interest to study at London Universities whilst doing part time jobs.I am a Zimbabwean.

    Please Assist.

    Yours Faithfully

    Muzokomba Lizo

    • John says:

      Hey Lizo, to get admission​ to any of the universities in London you need to meet the requirements, you can search through the University list in this website to view them.
      When you are admitted you will follow a process to apply for a part time job while studying for a degree.

  2. Ali says:

    My dream is that continuous study masters

  3. Daniel Kipchoge says:

    I am a Kenyan aged 23 years am so interested to study in London university ,i will be happy given the chance to be your student. help me achieve my goal .

  4. Faaney says:

    How to study a computing courses

  5. Safaaedin says:

    I am an Egyptian man and I am 48 years and a half and I am a teacher of English here in Egypt.I would like to come to study more about teaching is it allowed for people who are the same age like me?

  6. Luisa says:

    Hello my name is Luisa i am from Angola but live in Ethiopia I am 20 years old and I would love to study in London and I would like your help Thank you

  7. Daphne Gamuchirai Chimhepo says:

    I am a Zimbabwean aged 20.I am also interested in London University while having a part time job. Please assist me.


    I am from Ethiopia so I would like to study in your university in your country UK, am so interested to study in London university ,i will be happy given the chance to be your student. help me achieve my goal .please help me how I can get it this opportunity.


    MY Dream is study in London’s best university to became a Advance Software Eng. and work a part time job will be funding my courses.

  10. abeba gebrehiwot says:

    My name is Abeba Gebrehiwot from Ethiopia.I would like to join London university to have my masters in business management.

  11. i am a zambian Aged 25 how can i apply says:

    This is the great university

  12. Hashim A. Abubakar says:

    I am interested to study and the same time doing job at the london by God grace.



    Please I am interested in it.So I hope to hear from you about enquiries of your institution

  14. Onyegini Clement CHIMEZIE says:

    I’m from Nigeria and was offered conditional admission at Birbeck university, London to Major in information technology but I can’t afford the school fees. How can I get part time job to cater for the fees and living costs.

    • Study London says:

      Hello, in order to apply for your Tier 4 (General) visa, you will need to show that you already have enough money to cover your tuition fees and most of your living costs. Any money you earn in the UK during your studies can additionally help with your living costs. You may want contact Birkbeck, University of London to enquire about any scholarship options they may have.

  15. Faaney says:


  16. Mubisha Iftikhar says:

    i want part time job during London studies

  17. Daniel Afonope says:

    I am a Ghanaian aged 28 years am so interested to study in London university and be doing part time job,i will be happy given the chance to be your student. help me achieve my goal .

  18. Madeleine Mukami says:

    I would so much love to study in London and also work there even after I graduate with my bachelors. Make my dream come true.

  19. Madaci Abdulmagid says:

    This opprtuninity of finding jobs will encourage students to study in your country.

  20. Ayoub Gassim says:

    Iam a Ugandan age 21 years old will be so glad if given opportunity to study in London University as well as working. Thanks

  21. Okai Philip says:

    I be very happy to study in London

  22. Abdulkadir Ahmed Daada says:

    I am interesting to study and become Ambassador of university. If you help me. Abdulkadir from Somalia

  23. Menna Moataz says:

    I need to continue my masters in UK

  24. Peter magaga says:

    can one take bachelor degree while doing a part-time job or just masters and beyond

  25. Rosemé Mackenso says:

    Hi.i am very interestind to study law and i work.

  26. chakiry says:

    Hi my aim is to continue my studies in london

  27. Frank Opoku says:

    I will like to study in London

  28. Mamush Temam Yesuph says:

    I am a Ethiopian and my aim is study master degree related in Civil engineering by doing part time jobs.

  29. Gbain Justin Sarnyeneh says:

    I am interested to study in London. Please me with the application process. Monrovia, Liberia.

  30. Njang Blandine Bug says:

    Hello I am a Cameroonian. I have the desire to do my masters study in London on agriculture economics. please direct me.

  31. Alam akinyi says:

    Am so much glad to hear of work opportunity in London l would like such to enhance living and further studies without difficulties.

  32. Okai Tettey-Antie Samuel says:

    I shall be grateful if I am given
    the opportunity to study with any of your educational institutions,Thank you.

  33. ndukwe chinemerem Ndukwe says:

    I want to come study in one of the universities in London for a masters degree programme ..I studied biochemistry in do I go about it

  34. Andinet Tesema says:

    Andinet Tesema,from Ethiopia. I want to learn Medicine and to get job at part time at London ,please help me,now I am clinical nurse dippiloma

  35. Irving G.Wolo says:

    Hi, I am an African from Liberia, and want to study in England,also doing a part time job to sponsor myself.

  36. Zenebe Ermias says:

    it is very nice to me working while studying. i wish to get this opportunity. please help me!

  37. Akwasi Agyemang says:

    I am 26 years of age and my interest is to study in London University,please help me to achieve my goals and I will be Greatfull

  38. Farzad says:

    My ambition is being able to study in one of the universities in London. But I have two question regarding study as an international student in master degree.
    At first, I have got an GENERAL IELTS certificate and all skills were 6.5 and also my overall band score was 6.5. As a result would it be able to study in project manager or mechanical engineering for a higher degree ( master degree ) without ACADEMIC IELTS ?
    Secondly, I have a bachelor degree in mechanical engineering around 9 years ago in IRAN and also I have been living in IRAN. So wheather or not there is chance for me to study in a higher level considering a big gap? I have to mention that during those years I was working as a mechanical engineer and I have relevant proves and documents.
    Please give me some information about universities in which I can apply for, regarding details that I mentioned.
    Thank you for your consideration.

    I am looking forward for your response.

    • Study London says:

      Hello Farzad, thank you for your message. Firstly, if you are planning on applying for a Tier 4 student visa to study at a university in London, you are required to meet the English language level set by the university. UK universities and colleges accept IELTS results but you will need to check with the university you are applying to whether they accept the General IELTS or require the Academic IELTS.
      With regards to your academic and work experience, your best option is to contact the universities you are interested in before applying to find out the exact entry requirements. Good luck with your applications!

  39. adam osman abdi nor says:

    I like to work in apart time and to learn other days its all ready been said learn to teach

  40. GIFT SOKO says:

    l am a young man aged 23 and l have a strong interest in studying at one of the London Universities whilst doing part time jobs.I am a Malawian.My dream has always been to study and work in London. I am a holder of the Malawi school certificate of education (MSCE) with good grades which is equivalent to the GCE level.

    Please help me!

    Yours Faithfully,


  41. Charbelkhoury says:

    I likee to continue my study at uk and work part time job in the same time

  42. Aiworo Joseph says:

    I’m a Nigeria 28 year old, I want to study in London, help me to achieve my dream to be community volunteer

  43. Marie NTOLO says:

    Hello i am a Cameroonian i wish to Come to you country inorder to study and have a part-time job. Please

  44. Sekyi Saviour Kwabena Selaae says:

    I want to recommend the course outline for business administration Accounting and Finance

  45. Dr. Mohamed says:

    Hello, my name is Mohamed Mukhtar currently living Nairobi-Kenya. I have Bachelor degree in medicine(MBBS), I have experience of two years in medicine. I am interesting to study in Landon for masters degree in medicine. I would also like to work in a part time.
    Thank you very much.
    Yours faithfully.

  46. Keneni Hambisa says:

    I am from Ethiopia and 25 years old, I want to continue masters program in London

  47. chakiry says:

    I like to work in london and studying in the same time

    • George Enosh Onyango says:

      I am interested studying at UK university, same time doing part time jobs, helping me paying fee God bless the work of your hand

  48. Laura Lee Jack says:

    wow. i would also like to work and study in london

  49. Siyasanga Habe says:

    Hi I’m siyasanga from South Africa and I would love to do my honours degree in UK while studing please help

  50. chukwunonso says:

    I will like to be in London for my master studying Geography in unilorin..

  51. eyasu birru says:

    hi, am from Ethiopia,medcine student, i want to continue my studies in london.

  52. Badmus Abiola says:

    I’be got so much ardent in studying in the UK and I’d so much appreciate it if you can help me reach my goal.

  53. Sarah says:

    I would like to do part time job as well as studying at post graduate level.

  54. vincent korir says:

    it is nice to have such opportunities to change life and change others i missed a chance last year because of passport issues am a kenyan 24yrs.

  55. Lesly Achiri says:

    Am so carried by the aid to studies that you guys have there, and I won’t want to miss the opportunity to study there.

  56. wycliffe chweya Nyagwoka says:

    I am Kenyan citizen having an ambition to continue with a second degree in your country and at the same time working part-time. Please hear my humble request in order to enable me achieve my dream

  57. Agele Idowu Sunday says:

    I want a part time job from London to enable me to further my studies. I held Bachelor Technology (B. Tech.) and Post Graduate Diploma (PGD) in Estate Management,3rd Class grade, Federal University of Technology Akure (FUTA ) Nigeria University Please, assist me.

  58. Ronak patel says:

    Hii.My name is Ronak patel. I am indian student. I want to study in master of law in london. But i confuse about coat of collage and ressidental and food.because in indian currency the cost is go at very high level. So please inform me about term of LLM And maximum annual cost of all over. Pls reply me sir.

  59. mahede says:

    i’m from bangladesh ,i have completed diploma in architecture according to bangladeshi requirement (after secondary school certified) . is there any position to higher education from my requirement????

  60. Hellen ndambo says:

    I am from Nairobi kenya and i would like to do my masters in human geography in uk.please help me achieve my dream

  61. gk says:

    I am doing India and want to do from london is this possible to get admission their easily

  62. dino mohamed says:

    I am 26 year old from Ethiopia, and I have bsc degree with engineering faculty construction technology managements. so I want to study masters in UK. so pls I need your assist

  63. Shalla kassa says:

    Hey I’m from Ethiopia I want to study London by working part-time I want study bachelor degree please help me

  64. Ethylen Chitembeya says:

    Please help me to study to your university to become a chartered accountant thats my dream. Please help me to fulfil my goal

  65. Akullu Harriet says:

    Have completed Bachelor in teacher Education and subject is science am willing to have a master in science Education in of those universities and preferably scholarship

  66. Badmus Bukola Biola says:

    I’ve got so much ardent in studying abroad and my dream course is bio medicine

  67. bakary says:

    I’m malian living in bamako,i want to continue my study (master 2)in uk in busness administration,Sothat to contribued of my country’s development, please Helpe me.

  68. Mihammad Hassan says:

    Thanks I have a wife she want to accompany me.She is an engineer .If age does not get visa would not study in uk pleaae guide me someone who can help me for our visa.I am pakistani and want to do MBA .I have earned ACCA. PLS GUIDE Regards

  69. Nzamurambaho Celestin says:

    I am Celestin from Rwanda and have had admission of doing Masters of public health for eye care in LSHTM since academic year of 2015-2016 up today and I did not received any scholarship.Pls help me to have part time job because I am not able to pay myself all cost of living and school fees.
    Tank you so much.

  70. Josephine Ndune says:

    Am interested to study in the university of London part time as I work please assist me how to apply am from Kenya.

  71. Josephine Ndune says:

    I would like to study in London same time work partly in London

  72. Josephine Ndune says:

    I recommend sociology and social work as a course a! Interested.

    • George Enosh Onyango says:

      My interest is studying as a intenational student while doing part time job helping me paying fee
      George Onyango

  73. Mustapha Mohammed Boseh says:

    I remained Mustapha Mohammed Boseh
    A K A el-musthy
    I will loved to proceed with my masters in computer science in London U K. How I wish they’ll offer me scholarship

  74. Jamiu Adebowale says:

    I am a Deaf Nigerian aged 28.. I graduated with THIRD CLASS HONOUR in bachelor of education in counsellor education. I want to apply for the Master of education degree. My interest is to study at London university.. Pls help me sir/ma

  75. Frimpong Francis says:

    l want to study in your country because you have the available facilities and qualified teachers

  76. Abdullnasir Hassan Ali says:

    A student from hight school who hopes for higher education from the batch university business administration IR hopefully will eccept me THANK YOU



  78. kingsley says:

    I am a Nigerian and I am keen of studing at London, I needs guardlines.

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