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Your student accommodation options in London

Student accommodation

Once you have decided which university to study at, the next big decision you will need to make is where to live. Your living environment is very important as you need to feel comfortable and safe in order to enjoy your time at university.

There are three popular options for international students in London:

1. Private Student Accommodation

Private student accommodation is becoming increasingly popular as the rooms and facilities are of a high standard and usually located centrally in London or near your university. You will have your own room, usually with an en-suite bathroom, and share the kitchen facilities with other residents.

Private student accommodation halls offer excellent facilities for students. You will often find a social room where you can chat and watch TV with your fellow students and some complexes also have a gym, study rooms, computer rooms and a library.

To find your perfect student home in one of these residences, go to The website has a huge choice of high-quality student accommodation located close to universities all over London.

2. University Halls of Residence

The majority of universities in London provide accommodation in halls of residence for their students.

You will have your own bedroom and share a kitchen with other students. You will have a choice between a standard room and an en-suite room (which includes a small bathroom). If you opt for a standard room, you will also be sharing bathroom facilities with other students.

Universities in London give priority to international students who have not studied in the UK before. However, you need to make sure you submit your accommodation application as soon as you have confirmed your place to study at the university. Contact your preferred university for more information about the halls of residence.

3. Rented accommodation in London

Many students in London live in private, rented accommodation. This is especially popular for students in the second year of their studies and onwards. You can rent a place on your own, or share with other students.

In a shared house, you will have your own bedroom but share the bathroom, kitchen and living areas with other students. You will also need to consider additional costs such as utility bills (gas, electricity and water) and a telephone and internet connection.

Some of the universities in London help students find private, rented accommodation. Contact your preferred university for more information.

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