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Cash in on London’s part-time work opportunities

Working part-time while studying can help pay for your living costs and it also looks great on your CV. And if you are hoping to stay in the UK after you graduate, work experience will help you get the all-important job offer you need.

International students are  allowed to work while studying if they study at a university or college that is listed on both the official UKVI Sponsor list and the list of ‘recognised bodies’. The Tier 4 (General) student visa will allow you to work up to 20 hours during term time and full-time during vacation periods. However, if your course is below degree level, you study at a further education college or your institution is not listed on the lists above, you will not be allowed to work during your studies.

Students who do not require a visa to study in the UK, such as European Citizens, can work in the UK without any restrictions.

Find Part-time Student Jobs in London

When you arrive in London, make an appointment with the careers office at your university. Most universities have online job portals where student jobs are being advertised, including jobs directly at the university.

You can also search online, try websites such as Careers Group London, Employment 4 students or StudentJob.

Popular part-time jobs

Student ambassador: Most universities employ their students to act as ambassadors for the university. This is a great job in which you get to represent your university by leading campus tours, meeting visitors to the university, giving presentations and helping out at events.

Student union: Each university in the UK has a student union which runs many different clubs and societies as well as managing social spaces at the university. There are many part-time jobs for students, from bar work to events management.

Student research assistants: Universities in London are well-known for their research excellence. Many universities offer students the opportunity to work on research projects as research assistants. If you are considering a career in academia, this is a great way to gain relevant work experience.

Office work: London is home to thousands of businesses in which you can find office and reception work. International students are often valued for their language skills, particularly at the many international companies in London.

Read more information about working during and after your studies here.

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