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Student spotlight: Meet Rachael from the USA

US student Rachael moved to London to study a Masters in Social Research at Goldsmiths, University of London. Rachael was one of 11 lucky students to be welcomed to London as part of the International Student Welcome event.

Rachael and the other students were welcomed to the city by Deputy Mayor of London Rajesh Agrawal at London’s City Hall, before being taken on a tour of some of London’s most famous sights. The day included afternoon tea at Shakespeare’s Globe, a private ride on the London Eye, an exhilarating speed boat tour with Thames Jet and a drinks reception at the rooftop terrace at Urbanest student accommodation.

Here Rachael tells us more about herself, why she chose to study in London and what her impressions are so far.

Rachael, why did you choose to study in London?

London is such a culturally rich city, I thought I would be selling myself short by not tapping into London as a resource for my research.

Why did you choose to study MA Policy Research and Goldsmiths, University of London and what are your impressions so far?

I wanted to study somewhere that would teach me the essential skill set of conducting in-depth research, while allowing me to have creative freedom over my work.

Goldsmiths houses a diverse set of students who don’t necessarily follow the rules of society. I love that. Everyone is passionate about something that’s going to make a positive impact on the world. Goldsmiths gives them the tools to further their expression whether it be via academia or constructive artistic medium.

I enjoy exploring various lenses of thought processes. My professors push us to take every thought a level deeper, it’s really quite challenging.

What have you enjoyed most during your time in London so far?

I have enjoyed meeting new people and exploring local restaurants and shows held across London. I love Clerkenwell, the small alley way streets and gardens along the roads. I lived there while studying abroad in 2012, so it’s really nostalgic for me.

How would you describe London in three words?

Cultural, artistic, breath-taking.

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