“Why I chose to study in London” – by Fuyi Yang, from China

I moved to London to study my masters degree in Applied Linguistics at UCL. Before that, I studied at the University of Nottingham for my bachelor degree. Looking back, I can now compare my study experiences in the two different cities and I feel that choosing to study in London is one of the best decisions I have ever made. Here I want to share with you my top four reasons for studying in London:

1. Academic alliance and cooperation

There are many prestigious universities in London, such as Imperial College London, LSE, UCL and KCL, to name just a few. When studying in London, it is so convenient for me to attend various lectures held in different universities. I can always find the one that suits my research interests and I can easily reach the different institutions by public transport. Besides, London is often one of the first cities when world-leading researchers choose to give an academic presentation or organise a conference. No other city can attract pioneers from various academic fields like London.

2. Great employability

At the heart of many different industries, London provides great opportunities for graduate students to begin their careers. Firstly, the university supports us to find a job through various methods. The career service provides a lot of useful advice and we can book an appointment with them to receive tailored help. Also, employers regularly make presentations on campus and we have the opportunities to talk with the human resources departments of these companies. I find the information session taking place at companies most useful. We can usually book to visit our dream company easily.

3. International atmosphere and inter-cultural opportunities

As an international student, I have found it easy to settle into living in London. There are lots of international students studying in London which offers many opportunities to learn from each other, experience cultural differences and try different cuisines. Besides, London’s global network provides great opportunities to join in different activities. For example, we can volunteer to teach our mother tongue to others who need this language skill or take part in inter-cultural exhibitions and promote our own culture.

4. Tourist attractions to explore

In my spare time, I often go to visit different museums and exhibitions. London has a lot of world-famous museums, there is something for everyone. There are also regular fairs and markets in London which sell numerous items, such as vintage bags, wine, old fashion clothes and CDs from previous decades. London creates an energetic and vivid atmosphere for us to explore, relax and enjoy.

So this is why I chose to study in London rather than another city in the United Kingdom. If you are attracted by the many opportunities that London provides, why not consider pursuing a degree in London next year!

16 comments on ““Why I chose to study in London” – by Fuyi Yang, from China

  1. Mugisha Johnbosco says:

    This is very interesting,encouraging and gives great opportunities to students very wonderful.

    Kindly guide me on how to apply for An MBA admission to a university and how to access a scholarship have an interest in studying a amasters degree but i have failed due to financial problems. Information is power my dear friends.


      Kindly guide me on how to apply for An MBA admission to a university and how to access a scholarship have an interest in studying a amasters degree but i have failed due to financial problems. Information is power my dear friends.

  2. Adam says:

    It is awesome…..

  3. Narges says:

    Would you pls guide me about how mush to pay every term.can i work when i am studying in london .

  4. masanja shadrack says:

    its real prestigious studying in london but financial issues is the only predicament.

  5. Hady says:

    Je suis vraiment ravis de m’inscrire dans cette situation.

  6. Amos Kelvin Wyetey says:

    I’m much interested in pursuing my masters degree in London but due to financial constraints I am finding it difficult to enroll in one of the universities in London. So I want to get the correct procedure to go by in other to get scholarship to study in London.This is because my father is not alive and my mother too is old so she is finding it difficult to cater for me. I want to work and study along side.

  7. Madole mbijima says:

    I want to study master in linguistics but I lack fincial support



  9. Nafisa issaka ( Mends) says:

    I need guidance to apply for Bsc in child nursing at kings college london, I already have a diploma in general nursing. I don’t have the finances to pay for tuition but I have strong desire for paediatric nursing in kings college I need scholar. Someone should help me!

  10. MOSES OMUJI says:

    Hi friends how are you doing over their,i would wish to congratulate you and also i have pleasure to study their but i don’t have money,how can i get a scholarship my dear friends could some body help me
    thanks Moses

  11. Aliyu Bashir Sa'ad says:

    because their schools are good and the country itself

  12. carisma ntol says:

    I love to study in one of the university cause am hitting london next week.

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