4 of London’s universities are among the QS World University Ranking top 40

London is home to 4 universities in the top 40 of the QS World University Ranking, more than any other city in the world.

The London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE), in 35th place, has risen for the first time into the top 40 of the rankings, climbing an impressive 36 places since last year. University College London (7th), Imperial College London (8th) and King’s College London (19th) have once again been recognised amongst the top 20 universities in the world.

Mayor of London, Mr Johnson, said: “London is unequivocally the education capital of the world. With four of our universities in the top forty, the city’s education sector is going from strength to strength, attracting the world’s top talent and producing the next generation of great thinkers and leaders.”

The QS World University Rankings are designed to provide students with comparable, accurate data to make informed decisions about their educational future. From this year, QS has amended its methodology with regards to the way publications are measured in the rankings. Previously, universities with strong life science and natural science departments, which tend to publish more research than other academic areas, were dominating the rankings. However, the new QS methodology now recognises institutions which are active and excellent in other academic areas, such as social sciences. This has led to the significant improvement in the rankings for the LSE, a world-leader in the teaching and research of social sciences.

League tables are a good starting point for your research, but this year’s QS World University Rankings clearly show that you need to consider the methodologies used carefully. There are many different factors which get considered for the ranking of universities, some of which may be more important to you than others. In addition, many excellent specialist institutions do not feature in these rankings at all.

To find out more about all the universities in London, read the university profiles and search for courses.

66 comments on “4 of London’s universities are among the QS World University Ranking top 40

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    • Study London says:

      Hi Grace, your daughters best chance is to receive a scholarship directly from a university. Therefore, you should use the course search to see which universities offer fashion design. You can then search the websites of these universities or contact them directly for more information about their scholarships.

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      Hello, the universities usually make a decision within 4 – 6 weeks. Please contact the universities which you applied to if you do not receive a response within 6 weeks. Good luck

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    • Study London says:

      Hello Brenda, there are a number of universities that offer their own foundation programmes as well as some private providers. However, please note that O-levels or IGCSE are not always accepted especially if students have only completed 11 years of study. If the O-levels are awarded alongside the countries own high school certificate after 12 years of study, you should not have a problem. Most universities state the entry requirements on their website so have a look to see what best matches your son’s qualifications. Kingston University London offers a part scholarship for foundation students, and the University of East London offers sports scholarships.

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