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Student spotlight: meet Yu from China

Yu He. Image courtesy of: Yu He.

Yu He, University of Westminster 

Why did you choose to study in London? 

To be honest, the reason why I choose to study in London was because of the one-year curriculum for the MA courses. From my perspective, to finish the whole courses in one year is a very efficient way of gaining an authentic English education, plus it also enabled me to have more chances of putting my studies into practice in society after graduating. The second reason was my crush on London. This is an old city with a long history and people with different backgrounds. I love these diversities of London and the story of London itself, which make me feel welcome and able to integrate with London all the time. 

How did you choose your course and university? 

I choose my course and university by the module curriculum settings, course ranking, faculty strength, practical experience and location. 

What have you enjoyed most during your time as a student in London? 

The most enjoyable things here for me here in London are the many word-class events and exhibitions that I can regularly attend. It is really eye-opening to see how ahead of the starting line I am by being in London, compared to others who are not. You always have more opportunities to get involved in all kinds of exciting things.

How would you describe London in three words? 

Diverse, unique, warm. 

Do you have any advice for other students thinking about studying in London? 

Studying in London is the best choice I’ve ever made in my life. London is a magical place where you can reach your potential and your creativity surrounded by the “London Vibe”. Don’t hesitate to come here. Don’t be nervous and just open your mind to embrace it; London will embrace you in every way. 

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