Coming to London: Tips on Making New Friends


Arriving in a big foreign city like London when you don’t know anybody can be a bit of a frightening prospect. But university life is about being social and there are plenty of opportunities to meet new people from the moment you get here.

Try these ideas:

  • Attend your university’s Freshers Week – this is usually hosted by the Student Union the week before classes begin, and is a great way to meet new people, find out more about your university and explore your new local community
  • Go to the Student Union and sign up to the student societies matching your interests
  • Get friendly with people in your halls of residence or shared student accommodation
  • Visit your university’s Facebook page
  • Read your university’s newspaper and sign up for any events that interest you
  • Attend your university’s orientation programme – these are organised by the international office specifically for international students
  • Sign up to become a student ambassador for your university – great for work experience and meeting new people
  • Get a part-time job and make friends with your work colleagues
  • Volunteer in the local community to meet new people.

We’ll be adding more ideas about making friends and adjusting to your new life in London in coming weeks, so do check back.

In the meantime, here are some more frequently asked questions about studying in London.

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49 comments on “Coming to London: Tips on Making New Friends

  1. frankline ihediohamma says:

    am really grateful.l believe studying in london will be a great opportunity for me.

  2. amina uledi says:

    Ilove so much london

  3. ampomah joycelyn says:

    I want to make new friends in london


    hello , i want study in london what is the conditions please

  5. negri says:

    hello my friends.
    i’m new student in london and i don’t know a lot of persons . therefore i need a help from you and i have some questions please . i hope that i’ll find answers here .

  6. Find it useful very much for me. Thanks for such post.

  7. ajaz ahmad says:

    i love to study in any london university

  8. Arifuzzaman Razu says:

    Thank you very much sir for the tips.

  9. Otman Afilal says:

    I really want to study in London
    It’s a beautiful city

  10. Jathoosan says:

    I want good friendship in london

  11. Revival Baxter says:

    May I have friends in London I feel it is very important to do so.

    • Kyalimpa Boniface says:

      I would like to have friends in London. I really see it very important for me to have friends from such a city because my way to golden opportunity will open them.


      Kyalimpa Boniface

    • freedom chawinga says:

      I from Malawi. a primary teacher. l need friends to share experiences and skills

  12. Dinkayehu Alamnie says:

    I want to study and have friend in London!

  13. yazid salum says:

    the London university provide a quality education

  14. Lemma Debero says:


  15. tom duncan otim says:

    I love London and wish one day i would be able to study there!

  16. Demes Segahu says:

    I am interested to do my MBA degree in london university

  17. Qassim Hussein Qassim Yahya says:

    London is The Kingdom of English Lang. and I hope to be there , at least to get a friend . can I ?

  18. David S. Kollie says:

    I want to do study public health in London at the master level based on scholarship assistant and with part time job in London.I want for London University to help me in that direction.
    David S. Kollie

  19. mubashir says:

    i like london

  20. mubashir says:

    I want to study and have friend in London

  21. khaled says:

    my dream is to carry on my university study in uk

  22. dou boy says:

    i want to make friends in the UK

  23. tanveer says:

    I want to study in london, and make friendship

  24. Mor CISSE says:

    Hi am a student for Marine Science so I want make fiends in London. I live in Francia.

  25. moussa says:

    london university really provide a quolity education i want tp study in london and have so many friends

  26. AYA says:

    I want to know how do I study in London

  27. Joseph Sagno says:

    London is one ideal city to study,i would grateful to meet lots of friends by sharing life positively

  28. Tnsue says:

    Hi, dear students over there. I have got a conditional scholarship admission in west minister but i want to differ for the next year how can i do it?

  29. moses says:

    hi,how can get ascholaship in london university,and what are the procedures of getting it because i have searched for so long from 2011 up to now.please help me.

  30. I really like studying in London and making new friends

  31. Hasan Shah says:

    Hi,i want to study in LONDON and also wants to make new friends in LONDON

  32. Santosh Thapa says:

    I am looking forward to study in London and make new friends and enjoy the time while being there.

  33. redrosesweet says:

    wants to visit London and make frnds in London


    The study in England is one of my goals to develop my knowledge of the English language.


    And to complete my studies there with the Supreme note that I obtained a bachelor’s degree in English.And I ask you to give me all the details about how to join one of the English universities.Thank you

  36. DOUHADJI Bessan Christopher. says:

    hope to study in london and meet new friends.

  37. chandni says:

    ny1 coming for the january batch..?

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