Discover the Real City of London with VizEat

The global metropolitan city of London is full of energy and diversity that overflow the streets, creating the vibrant atmosphere that attracts thousands of visitors every year. Immersed in history, the city has charmed both tourists and locals alike for centuries from its beguiling architecture and iconic landmarks to its evolving multicultural cuisine.

With so much to see in this ancient city, it can be quite daunting to begin with. Our solution? Explore the city with locals through VizEat! We believe that the best way to settle into a city is to wine, dine and pass the time with the locals themselves, and that’s why we dedicate ourselves to connecting travelers and locals alike to share a table and connect over great food.

If this sounds like your cup of tea, here’s how you can discover the real city of London with VizEat!

Taste the city with locals

Dine with a local family or foodie

Every city is full of locals just waiting to welcome you into their homes and take you on a culinary journey, and it’s no different for London! Dining with a local family or hanging out with local foodies over brunch is a completely unique and authentic way to experience the food scene of a city. Plus it gives you a tasty insight into the British culture, foodie traditions and exclusive tips for where to go for the best coffee or cocktail in the evenings!

If this isn’t cool enough, breaking bread with locals also ensures that you meet a variety of interesting people from all corners of the world, so expect to make some lifelong friendships or meet your next travel buddy!

Enjoy a delicious dinner in a London home or taste homemade delights in Hackney!

Take a hands-on cooking class

What’s better than eating great food? Learning how to make it so you can eat it forever! With so many locals eager to share their favorite meals with travelers, VizEat has many local chefs from self-taught to Michelin starred who want to teach you the tricks of the trade in their own cooking classes. These classes are completely relaxed, allowing you to get as involved or hands-on as you like, and you get to feast on your delicious creations afterward!

The great thing about local cooking classes is that you can have it all; mix with great people and have a variety of interesting conversations, all whilst unleashing your creative side, learning new skills and sampling the best of British dishes in the comfort of a new friend’s home.

Learn to make Italian specialties in London or discover the essentials of wine and food pairing with your ‘fifth sense!’

Join an immersive food tour of the city

One of the best ways to settle into a city and get to know its roots is by taking a local food tour led by a fellow foodie! Nothing beats exploring a city’s back streets, discovering local food markets and selecting the freshest of ingredients to make a unique meal. Not only do you get to see the real city but you get to taste the real food too. After a morning of exploration, cook together with a local and enjoy an afternoon of fun, laughter and delicious food!

Take a beautiful Sunday walk through Brick Lane Market or a secret food tour through the city!

So what are you waiting for? Explore all of what London has to offer through VizEat! Get to know the locals, meet great people from all walks of life, and finish off each food experience with the tastiest of British grub!


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