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Performance artist Marta Benaglia gave an electrifying aerial performance at the International Student Innovation Showcase and Award ceremony held at UAL’s Central Saint Martins on 2 November. Marta, an Italian student studying Creative and Cultural Entrepreneurship at Goldsmiths, University of London, performed her ‘Hibyan Sky’ routine in front of more than 200 guests at the celebratory event.

Talking to Study London about her decision to move to London Marta said: “I decided to move to London to study a Vocals Degree in Contemporary Music Performance. I always wanted to set up my own music project. Eventually, thanks to London’s vibrant underground culture, I came into contact with other types of performance, such as aerial, fire, pyrotechnics and more. I then ended up merging these art forms with poetry and visuals, together with installations and costume design.”

Commenting on the support network that London offers, Marta added: “The Roundhouse has been the most instrumental place for me to develop my skills and find the guidance and support I needed as a young artist. I am now one of their Resident Artists and will be performing in the main space soon for the very first time.”

“During my experience in London I have been very influenced by the style of many designers and companies such as Area 51, Ghoulia’s Peculiars and Isla Campbell. I am also a great admirer of Alexander McQueen, who was born and lived in this city. I find his work so inspiring from many artistic perspectives and ground-breaking in ways that touch art, and go beyond fashion itself”, she added.

When asked about the advantage of being in London, Marta said: “London offers countless opportunities for aspiring young musicians and artists, together with the support necessary to develop a career. Many funding options are also available to help support start-ups and projects, as well as support from organisations such as the British Library and the Arts Council.”

Reflecting on her London experience, Marta added: “My life was literally changed by this experience and I have now chosen to stay. I would recommend anyone to give it a try if they have the chance. London is a centre of the arts and if this is your passion, this city is for you.” And Marta’s three words to sum up London? “Hectic, pulsating and electrifying!”

For more information about Marta, see her website www.hibyansky.com

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    I love to be one of your student to study in London and I pray that God will help me to get this scholarship. May God blessed you all and thanks for understanding.

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    I love to be one of your student to study in London

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