Five things not to miss while studying English in London

Studying English in London is more than just taking a language course. From the friends you make and food you eat, to learning a new subject and exploring the buzzing city – it is an all-round experience that will stay with you forever! Take a look at this guide by EnglishUKLondon and learn about five things you should definitely not miss while studying in London.

Young students walking in front of a very colourful street art on a wall in east London.

Street art in east London. Image courtesy of EnglishUKLondon.

Dr Johnson’s House

Even if you know little about the man behind A Dictionary of the English Language, you must have heard of his famous quote about London: “when a man is tired of London, he is tired of life […]”. This small but fascinating museum is perfect for English language students, as Dr Samuel Johnson was one of the greatest literary figures of the 18th century. The museum often holds special events and educational workshops about Dr Johnson and his great work – a stunning place for English literature lovers.

Richmond Park

A deer grunting in foggy Richmond Park.

Deer in Richmond Park. Image courtesy of EnglishUKLondon.

London is the world’s first National Park City and Londoners love their green spaces. The city boasts wonderful parks such as Hyde Park, Regent’s Park and Green Park, but Richmond Park is also worth a visit! It only takes a short train, tube or bus ride to the south west of the city for you to feel like you are in the middle of the countryside. Famous for its deer and wildlife conservation, Richmond Park is beautiful in any season.

Columbia Road Flower Market

If you have a thing for flowers and vintage shops, you will want to head to east London. The Sunday market on Columbia Road is a little urban jungle where you can find flowers and plants on sale along the colourful road. Browse the quirky independent shops and grab a drink at one of the many cafes behind the market – the perfect weekend plan!

Wilton’s Music Hall

The entrance of Wilton's Music Hall in London.

Wilton’s Music Hall.

Discover Wilton’s Music Hall, the world’s oldest grand music hall still in operation. After years of dereliction, it reopened as a full-time theatre, bar and historic landmark and puts on a range of excellent events, including theatre, music, comedy, cinema and cabaret. Appreciate how cleverly the building has been restored, retaining its classic features from the 19th century and bringing you back to its heyday.

Pie and mash

London has become a foodie’s paradise over the last decade and when it comes to trying a British dish, most people pick fish and chips. Little do they know there is another popular traditional dish originated from London’s East End – pie and mash. Pay a visit to London’s oldest pie and mash restaurant, F.Cooke in Hoxton, where the family’s pies are still made to the original 19th-century recipe.


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