“Get ready because this is going to be great.”


Big Ben and Westminster bridge

As the deadline to apply for the MESCyT scholarship for overseas study approaches one of last year’s scholarship recipients – Deborah Guerrero – gives her thoughts on her overseas adventure and explains why students should look to London for an amazing international experience.

Deborah Guerrero is currently studying for her Masters in Arts Management at Middlesex University London and is enthusiastic about her time studying in the UK’s capital.

Deborah said: “I chose Middlesex University first of all because of the programme. I have an artistic background and I was trying to find a programme covering the business of the arts. When I was going through the Middlesex programmes I found arts management and it was a perfect fit because it had exactly the factors I was looking for.”

To help students from overseas to feel at home Middlesex University hosts a grand welcome week for all new international students which features a series of cultural events including a Great British Tea Party.

“When I arrived the welcome week party was like one of those parties you see in the movies, you get to see a whole bunch of people that you’re going to be studying with and you get lots of tips about living in London if you’re an international student.”

Describing Middlesex University in one word Deborah selects diversity and the multiculturalism and global facing attitude of the University is also something which Deborah has enjoyed about the city.

“My experience so far has been beyond great. I was very afraid about how difficult it was going to be for me as an international student and what I realised is that a huge percentage of the students here are international just like me so teachers are one step ahead of us when we need something or have some kind of enquiry.

“The best thing about London is the multicultural value you will find here. There are people from everywhere. You can start a conversation with anyone on the bus and learn about other cultures and other people.”

Deborah has already begun thinking about her future career after she receives her Masters at Middlesex.

“I want to keep chasing the artistic ways. Now that I know about the business I think I can do that either here or in my country  I think I’m learning lots of things which I think could be useful for my society. So that keeps me very interested in my career because the things I’m learning I think could work for us.

“I’m learning about business modules in the artistic industry as well as lots of ideas and processes which I think will be useful in my future career. I am learning how to adapt those things to my country.”

Thankfully for other students thinking about following in Deborah’s footsteps and applying to study at Middlesex University it is not a complicated process.

Middlesex suggests that students book in their IELTS and TOEFL tests ahead of time and also that they have the rest of their supporting documents, transcripts and certificates (and translations) in place before the end of April.

“I would advise people looking at university to do things with time. Studying in general is an important decision you have to make. In order to enjoy this experience you have to be mentally ready.

“My first language is Spanish so they needed to check that I could speak enough English to take a Masters course. I went to some exams and passed them.

“The application system is pretty straightforward and the team is very supportive and come back to you quickly.

“I would definitely recommend to everyone from the Dominican Republic to come to Middlesex, there’s nothing to lose here. You’re in London, you’re in a great university and the programme is awesome. My friends tell me their courses are also awesome so in general the university is amazing!

“Get ready because this is going to be great.”

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  1. Agnes ndunge mutuku says:

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    it’s my dream to study in there!

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    fact is that i need change of weather and i thought of London, i want to be challenge and to be corrected i want to have good education i also thought of London, i wish if this opportunity is giving to me.

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    Please I want to study at any university in London but I don’t know how to go about the process.I am level 100 medical student in Ghana.Please I need a good Samaritan to help.

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    I will be very happy, if I may have the chance to study in one of the top world best universities in UK.

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    will be happy if I became part of the scholars

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    Am an undergraduate student and I want to study medicine and surgery in kings college University in London but don’t know how to apply so please how can I apply for the University?

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