How Much Does it Cost to Study in London?

 From tuition fees to living costs, here’s a guide to how much it costs to study in London.

  • Students from outside the EU will need to pay “overseas” Tuition fees which are £11,000 on average, although it is possible to find universities that charge as little as £8,000. It all depends on the university, your course and the level of study (postgraduate or undergraduate).
  • In addition to your tuition fees, the UK Border Agency (UKBA) requires you to have a budget of at least £1,000 per month to study in London. This is the minimum you need to get a visa to study in London.
  • Average student rents are around £150 a week, but you can find cheaper. Check out the average house rent costs in the city on the London rents map website.
  • On top of your rent, you will need around £100 per week for living costs, but this amount depends on how much you like to socialise.
  • Calculate your costs using the student budget calculator.
  • London universities have thousands of scholarships for overseas students, which can pay your tuition fees and living costs. Find a London University Scholarship.


14 comments on “How Much Does it Cost to Study in London?

  1. camilo valencia Echeverria says:

    I need information about for study in the university of London,

  2. jAmal says:

    I study english language

  3. says:

    hi… ths is tekraj nw im studng in india aftr complition of my
    pg . i want to go to london fr study of
    law. so pls gv the information abt
    studnt visa. university fees nd cost of
    living .scolarship…
    im pasd with 77 percntg. bt
    economicly im vry poor bt i hv big
    aim to study in uk so pls help me to
    how to get the low cost with quelty
    education in london… pls pls

  4. Sonia says:

    I am from India. can i go for studies to London ?

  5. jihane says:

    Hi, my name is jihane im from morocco i will get my baccalauréat this year is “science physique” and i want to study in London and i need informations about how to study in London and what kind of studies will i choose and how much does it caust and how many years will i study there?

  6. Tarik says:

    Hello Jihane, I was studing in Morocco and got the same BAC as you will get Inchalah.U have first to prepare for the Ielts test in order to get good grade.And then start by

    Note, There are schools cheaper than the ones you find in

  7. oche Emmanuel says:

    how much does it cost to study in england

    • Study London says:

      Hello, the costs can vary depending on your course and where you want to live. The average tuition fees are around £11,000 – £12,000 per year, but some courses can cost more. Your living expenses in London will be approximately £10,000 for one year which includes accommodation and all other living costs. You can use the course search to find out how much a degree course in your preferred field would be.

  8. oche Emmanuel says:

    how much is a students visa

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