How to get a job in Finance

London is a global financial centre and it is no surprise that many students wishing to work in finance come to study in London. The finance sector offers a wealth of internship opportunities and part-time jobs.

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Best degree to get into finance

According to City AM, the salary benchmarking site has identified the 6 most common degrees held by London bankers.

Accounting, business and finance degrees are most common with 34 per cent of bankers in London holding a degree in this subject area. However, there are also bankers with degrees in subjects such as engineering and computer sciences.

Top 6 degree subjects amongst finance professionals in London

  1. Accounting, business, finance (34% of finance workers)
  2. Economics: (24% of finance workers)
  3. Maths & statistics: (11% of finance workers)
  4. Engineering: (10% of finance workers)
  5. Chemistry: (4% of finance workers)
  6. Computer sciences: (3% of finance workers)

(Source: City AM)

Best paying degrees in the finance sector

While a degree in accounting, business and finance may be an obvious choice if you want to work in the finance sector, the research by shows that salaries are higher for finance directors with other degrees.

Best paying degree subjects among banking directors in London

  1. Maths & statistics: £398,000
  2. Computer science: £329,000
  3. Economics: £322,000
  4. Chemistry & science: £316,000
  5. Engineering: £308,000
  6. History: £294,000
  7. Accounting, business & finance: £265,000

(Source: City AM)

The research shows that there are many different degrees which can lead to a career in finance. Use the course search to find the perfect course for you.

You can also find information on the best universities for particular subjects in the Subject Guide section.

3 comments on “How to get a job in Finance

  1. Ayanda Joe Munikwa says:

    Real eye-opener. Thank you very much.

    Does this mean those other degrees are more related to finance than accounting?

    • Study London says:

      Hello, in the UK many students study a particular subject but then work in a different field. For UK employers, it is sometimes important to see that students have done well academically but the subject may not be crucial. Of course, for some careers such as medicine or law, you have to have the relevant degree.

  2. yulambe rose says:

    my dreams have ever been working in the uk

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