Learning English in London: a lifechanging experience

“My first English course in 2009 was my milestone of becoming who I am now”, says Angela from Spain, who obtained a Master’s Degree at Chelsea College of Arts. Now working for Central Saint Martins (CSM), she shares how learning English in London became a life changing experience for her.

Angela standin in UAL. Image courtesy of: Angela.

Angela standing in UAL. Image courtesy of: Angela.

Could you tell us about your journey from Spain to study in London? 

I first arrived in the UK in 2009 to study English at the English UK London member school,  Tti School of English, looking for experiences to enhance my future career. My background was in fashion design. However, after studying History of Art with a focus on museums and galleries, I discovered my passion: I wanted to be a curator. To achieve my goal, I completed the MA Curating and Collections at Chelsea College of Arts, UAL, which further facilitated my wish to work for this university. After graduation, I started my first job at Central Saint Martins as Short Course Assistant. I then moved on to work as Personal Assistant to the Dean of Academic Programmes and most recently became External Liaison Coordinator for Drama and Performance at CSM.

What impressed you the most while studying your MA at Chelsea College of Arts? 

One of the advantages of my MA programme was the opportunity to assist the Director of Exhibitions curate and install exhibitions at Chelsea Space, an art gallery situated within the College. Students were encouraged to use different spaces in the university to curate individual exhibitions. Another advantage was that the college gives students access to a special collection. We could take some invaluable original artworks out on loan to curate our exhibitions. It was an excellent opportunity to grow as a curator and gain confidence when dealing with original artworks that belong to a collection.

What do you do in your current position at Central Saint Martins? 

My current role looks after all public and internal events organised by all courses under the umbrella of Drama and Performance, both undergraduate and postgraduate. The subjects cover Acting, Performance Design, Directing and Character Animation. I project-manage the events, liaise with acting agents and external parties to develop new collaborations, create the graphics to promote the events, etc. It is a very busy yet rewarding job, in which routine is never a part of.

Was your English language course the springboard to your journey in London? 

My first English course in 2009 was my milestone of becoming who I am now. It enabled me to be less dependent and more proactive in my life here in London and had a direct impact on my career. In my opinion, becoming a fluent speaker, writer and reader in a second language learnt as an adult, implies a lifelong learning exercise and a constant strive for improvement. The English course gave me the vital foundation, and the equally important practice, experience and resilience to improve slowly and steadily.

Why is London a great city to study English? 

When I first arrived in London, I couldn’t put two words together or have a basic conversation – it was frustrating. Luckily, London is the place where you can find thousands of others in the same situation and you do not feel alone. As a result, I did not only learn to adapt to the British culture, but also embrace it. It is now a part of who I am, and I think this is the key to living here and using the English language every day. I have seen how my language skills have improved hand in hand with my level of adaptation to the culture. I feel like I am a Londoner almost as much as a Spaniard! This feeling is empowering because it enriches my life, keeps my mind open and diversifies my life options.

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