London education has transformed my life

For Egyptian student Ehab Sayed, nature has been the source of inspiration for his new approach to construction. Shortlisted for the Mayor of London’s International Student Innovation Award, Study London spoke to Ehab about his innovation and his time in London.

“I am an Egyptian who was born and raised in Qatar in the Middle East and I have witnessed the country’s skyline develop from sand dunes to skyscrapers. Such a dramatic transformation was very inspirational to me and the visionary design of the buildings has ignited a passion for the built environment. However, I have always been concerned by the lack of environmental laws and the sustainability aspect of the development,” Ehab said.

Ehab started his UK education in Manchester with a foundation year in Civil Engineering and then studied a masters degree at Brunel University London. During his masters, Ehab started a company called Biohm and came up with his idea for Triagomy – a construction system inspired by nature.

Ehab explained: “I researched UK waste streams – focusing on construction waste. After a lot of analysis and discussion with highly-regarded professionals in the industry, Triagomy was conceived. I have always had a passion for sustainability and design. I was positive that – given the right opportunity – I would be able to channel this into creating a product that would really make a difference and improve our relationship with the environment. Triagomy is helping me achieve just that!”

Inspired by nature, Triagomy aims to address the growing problem of waste. Ehab explained: “The UK annually generates over 200 million tonnes of waste. Half of this is the result of construction, demolition and excavation works. Triagomy is a construction system that does not require any binding materials or permanent fixtures to create strong and robust structures. The design is based on sections of a hexagon, similar to what we see in nature. Carbon molecules, for example, use the hexagonal shape to achieve a strong structure.”

“There are two triangular panels that form the basis of this innovation. They have been created by dividing a hexagon into two isosceles – triangles that have two sides of equal length – and two right-angle triangles. These panels, along with other parts within the construction system, can be assembled in various ways to meet the needs of architects, occupants and developers without the need to carry out on-site alterations. Assessments of Triagomy have shown reductions of 40-90% in the environmental impact when compared to traditional construction methods,” he added.

Commenting on his decision to study in London, Ehab said: “Any international student aiming to study in the UK should seriously consider the opportunities, appreciation for innovation and vibrant metropolitan culture that exists in London when choosing between universities. This is true with regard to any field of study – the benefits of studying in London are simply incomparable to the rest of the country. After living in Manchester for four years, I have been able to achieve considerably more in one year in London.”

Ehab continued: “London education has truly transformed my life by offering me priceless opportunities to network with organisations and professionals in my field of study, to showcase my innovation and really make a difference. And the cultural aspect of London is incredible – there are so many museums, shows, gigs and plays.”

See the Biohm website for more information on Triagomy and to watch the construction system in action. Ehab studied an MSc in Integrated Product Design at Brunel University London. Interested to know more about product design courses in London? See our course guide for more information.

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  1. Rafiullah khan says:

    London education my life

  2. Patrick and Augusta says:

    Just wanted to say congratulations, on being up for the award, fingers x Read your piece wow!! However, you failed to mention that a quick visit to Scotland with its invigorating air, wonderful scenery and adventurous time also helped you to reach these heady heights!!!!! Hope all going well with you. I am counting the days till Toast has her puppies, Feb 8th, watch this space, sorry you are bound to be sent photos!!! Take care, lots of love from us both. xx

  3. BARRY Sadou says:

    English is very important

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    I want join u

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    Wow! What a great gain.the sky is your beginning, keep it up

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