London is the most searched for city by US students

London tops the list of cities searched for by US students looking to study abroad.


A new report released by Google research reveals that London is the most searched for city on the internet by US students looking to study overseas.

“Universities in London” is the most popular term among all generic searches made by US students relating to international study.

There are five London institutions in the top 10 most searched for universities worldwide:

Other London universities that are also heavily searched for by US students include

The most searched for subject by US students looking to study in London is business and finance, followed by fashion.

Harry Walker, Google Education Industry Head, said: “We took a deep dive into the London education market to see how it ranks against other world cities. No matter how we looked at it, by university brand or just generic keywords, there is no doubt that London and the United Kingdom are the biggest magnets for US students seeking to study abroad.”

US Students in London

London is the most popular city in the world for US students, outside North America, with nearly 30,000 studying in the city. According to the latest figures London welcomes 6,440 students on undergraduate and postgraduate courses. On top of this London opens its doors to about 22,000 US students who arrive for ‘Study Abroad’ programmes, Summer Schools and Study Tours.

London also has the most international students of any city in the world. Well over 100,000 students from over 200 countries are studying degree programmes in London making up about a quarter of the total higher education student population in the city.

Students from the US can read the applications advice for students from the USA to start your journey to London.

Students from other countries can find application advice for other countries in the Your Country section.

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