My top 5 reasons to study at Goldsmiths, University of London

Rebecca, from the USA, is studying for a masters degree in Social Entrepreneurship at Goldsmiths, University of London. Here she shares her top reasons for choosing to study at Goldsmiths.


Rebecca (right) enjoying a traditional afternoon tea in London

1. A Truly Unique Programme

Most social entrepreneurship options are run by MBA programmes. With a background in education and practical experience working with social enterprises and start-ups, I wanted a more holistic experience. Goldsmiths offered me the chance to engage with peers from around the world who share a passion for social entrepreneurship but offer insights from unique perspectives.

2. The Buzz of London

Of course there are many of the cosmopolitan benefits that you will find in most major cities, but London is alive with a vibrant and diverse community of social entrepreneurs. Within a 10-minute walk of the Goldsmiths campus, you will find a café devoted to creating a safe space for all people, a supermarket that only sells goods produced in London and a ‘makerspace’ (a workshop for the community) that is fuelling innovation. London is also home to the original Impact Hub, a co-working space for social entrepreneurs – and the catalyst for my exploration into social entrepreneurship.

3. Affordability (Really!)

By applying early and investing quality time into my application, I secured a scholarship from Goldsmiths. I also received a 2.5% discount for paying my tuition early and I sold my car. In the end, my remaining tuition fee cost was about $7,300 (£4,700). If I stay on budget, graduate school (including living expenses) will cost me less than what my friends back home in the USA are spending. I will also finish a year earlier, which means I can return to return to work sooner.

4.The Joy of the Journey

Ten years ago I studied abroad for a semester. Now in my 30s, the experience is very different but exactly what I want it to be. I explore other places outside of London once a month. Sometimes I get a train to Oxford for a conference and other times I explore Europe. The biggest surprise was Sweden. I grew up in Lawndale, California, and didn’t know anyone from Sweden. I didn’t know what to expect, but they won me over with food.

5. If Not Now, Then When?

Every winter, I would think about applying for a postgraduate degree but by then it was too late to apply to U.S. schools. However, the early application deadline for my programme at Goldsmiths was not until April 1st which enabled me to apply and secure my place to study in London.

Read more about Goldsmiths, University of London, take a look at the courses offered and contact the international team and Goldsmiths for more information.

5 comments on “My top 5 reasons to study at Goldsmiths, University of London


    Plan do & do plan.

  2. Paula Pinto says:

    Thanks for this blog! I recently accepted my unconditional offer to study Social Entrepreneurship at Goldsmith and I am excited and anxious! Your comments reassure me that I made a good decision. Any feedback on what the classes were like? Are they truly small groups? More intimate learning?

  3. freddie says:

    I am a student from one of the kenyan universities pursuing my first degree of bachelor of arts in Anthropology.I am interested in studying in Goldsmiths university but due to financial status i am unable to see myself there.I would like to know if there any scholarships being offered for us ro apply.Also any wellwisher who want to sponser me i will appreciate.

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