My top 5 reasons to study at the London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine


Brittany, from the USA, is studying for an MSc in Medical Parasitology at the world renowned London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine (LSHTM). Below Brittany shares her top 5 reasons for choosing to study in London at the LSHTM:

  1. The Global Reputation

The reputation upheld by the LSHTM was one of the main reasons I applied, and one of the main reasons I’m such a proud student of the school. It is the world’s leading research-focused graduate school, and puts out great papers and studies from its professors, students, and alum.

  1. The World-leading professors

With the school holding such a good reputation, it gives us students the opportunity to learn from big names in the science and public health field. We have gotten lectures delivered to us from world experts in their fields, who come to the school to provide these lectures for us. Recently we had the opportunity to attend a lecture given by Peter Piot, co-discoverer of Ebola, who came and delivered a lecture about the recent disease outbreak, along with others who have worked directly with the outbreak. The students are extremely lucky to get that kind of exposure.

  1. The specialist nature of the courses

The experience I get at LSHTM is, in my opinion, unmatched to what can be done back home in the States, mainly due to the fact that the US does not really have specific Parasitology programs. In our lectures we have different professors depending on the topic being learned that day. We are taught by the most knowledgeable and experienced professors. There are even times where world experts and professors from other universities come to teach us, because they want us to learn from the best. Also, the experience we get in the laboratory is aimed to prepare us for the real world. We are even given the opportunity to go out into the field during our Master’s projects. We get loads of hands-on practice, and unique skills that are sure to stand out on a CV, and help us throughout our careers.

  1. The London location

The location of LSHTM is brilliant. It is in the heart of Bloomsbury, which is full of medical history, green parks, fun hidden museums, and is right around the corner from the British Museum. It is never more than a five minute walk to get food or a drink, and for being in central London, it’s a fairly quiet and peaceful area, even with the other Universities around.

  1. The international atmosphere

The diversity of the school is huge. I have gotten to meet people from countries all over the world who have worked in a wide array of fields. It is mind-opening getting to hear about so many different cultures, backgrounds, and histories, and is a very unique learning experience.  Among the students, and even the professors, it gives the opportunity to make friends, and make connections, in ways that you can’t quite experience anywhere else. By the time you graduate, you have made an international network for yourself, which I consider to be incredible.

Brittany’s blog

You can read more about Brittany’s experiences of studying in London on her blog: 

You can also read more information about the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine, take a look at the courses offered and contact the LSHTM directly for more information.


7 comments on “My top 5 reasons to study at the London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine

  1. MARITHA says:


  2. […] This weekend was a fairly eventful one, but there is always something happening on London weekends. And when you’re doing almost nothing but studying and schoolwork during the week, having all sorts of events happening on weekends make for a great relief! And I know I mention being so stressed and busy with school quite a bit, but don’t get me wrong, I absolutely love my school, and love what I’m here doing! And between my school and the city, I’m so happy I came to study here. Seriously, if you’re on the fence about studying abroad, my advice is: DO IT! To see more about what’s to love, check out the Study London page: My Top Five Reasons for Studying at LSHTM! […]

  3. ilyes says:

    I am interested I like to study in London ;it’s so good

  4. thomas mbaya says:

    its nice to study in London…iwish to study there.

  5. Belayhun Addsu Desu says:

    if you give me the chance am ready to join with you

  6. Mukansoro Germaine says:

    it’s amazing to study in London and I wish I can be able to study there and live there

  7. Sazzad Nurul Choudhury says:

    I am a post graduate .l have got 60.3% in MA.But my academic marks is so poor. I love The English heartily .I think
    The English is the great teacher for Indians. They changed the superstitious in India .Now eagerly I want to take PhD degree from United Kingdom.Please do you help me for the great success upon me ?

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