Student spotlight: meet Avineet from India

Meet Avineet from India, who is pursuing a master’s of Comparative and International Dispute Resolution at Queen Mary University of London.

Image courtesy of Avineet Singh Chawla

When I finished my law school in India, I decided to pursue my master’s in a foreign university because I’ve always wanted to work in an international law firm. While I was researching universities and courses abroad, I was lucky enough to visit the UK on an academic tour last year.

During my stay in London then, I visited law schools and law firms and I was stunned to see the working, teaching patterns and cultural diversity here. Along with that, London has always been a home for various international organisations and international law firms, and with such a rich law tradition, it is the ideal city where one can get to learn and explore beyond limits.

With such motivation and impression, I decided to pursue my master’s in London, and with that, I started applying to universities here. The application procedure for universities in London, unlike others, is so student-friendly that you don’t require any professional assistance. Besides that, the universities here are willing to answer any kind of doubts and help in any possible way.

The visa application process as well is so simple and easy that you can do that yourself. The UK immigration website provides great information regarding visa applications, and if things are still unclear, the universities here help you with that. I have seen people pay humongous amounts of money to private visa agencies for filing visa applications, but I applied for my own visa and saved the unnecessary expenditure.

I arrived in London in September 2018, at the Queen Mary University of London, to pursue my LLM (master of law) in Comparative and International Dispute Resolution. I found London to be a very welcoming and diverse city with a lot of opportunities, like meetups, seminars, networking events, free workshops, and much more, happening every week. There is always something to do here.

In my year, there are students from around 39 nationalities, which has not only generated a great atmosphere of learning and development but also has given me a chance to learn various things about other cultures. I got a chance to learn new languages, celebrate different festivals, eat different cuisines and make friends from all around the world, which is only possible in this city.

London is such a wonderful city. You’ll never regret spending part of your life here, it’s truly worth every penny.

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