Student spotlight: Meet Alicia from Mexico

Alicia, a MSci Robotics and Intelligent Systems student at King’s College London, moved from Mexico City to London to live and study in one of the world’s hubs for tech and entrepreneurship. Here she tell us more about her time in London so far.

Why did you choose to study MSci Robotics and Intelligent Systems at King’s College London?

I’ve always been interested in tech so I knew I wanted to study Computer Science. When it was time for me to apply for universities, I didn’t really know which ones to apply to so I based my choices on the university rankings and on student reviews for Computer Science. I applied for BSc Computer Science and changed to MSci Robotics and Intelligent Systems after my first year.

What do you enjoy most about your course?

I love the support that I get from lecturers and the fact that they implement their own research in the day-to-day teaching, making the content up-to-date. I also love the huge student involvement and the different student societies, such as the KCL Tech Society, which complement what we learn on the course.

Why did you choose to study in London and how are you finding it so far?

I come from Mexico City, so I always knew I wanted to live in a big city. London is one of the hubs of tech and entrepreneurship, opening so many doors with meet-ups, networking, free workshops and much more. I wanted to live in a place where there is always something going on.

I love the fact that I’ve met so many people at many different events. The people that I’ve met in different tech meet-ups are now some of my best friends. I really appreciate that there are always opportunities to learn something new, even if it’s not tech. London is so diverse. I’ve had the chance to learn other languages, new dances, theatre and many more things. It’s very difficult to get bored in such city.

How would you describe London in three words?

Vibrant. Exciting. Classy

What are your plans after graduating?

After graduating I will be joining an exciting startup as a software engineer and I will also start my own tech venture.

Are you working during your studies?

Yes, I have done two summer internships in a big startup. It was great, I think this is the best way to learn something new and to put into practice what you are thought at university. You get to face real-world problems, discuss them with your co-workers and hear different opinions and perspectives.

Do you have any advice for other students thinking about studying in London?

Don’t think twice about it! Yes, it’s an expensive city to live in but you won’t regret it. You will make friends of all different nationalities and backgrounds and these friendships will last forever.

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