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Hollywood magic visits Kingston University

A little bit of movie glamour came to Kingston University recently, in the form of Shelley Page, head of international outreach for DreamWorks Animation.

DreamWorks Animation is the US film studio behind recent release The Croods, shown in the trailer above, plus animated classics such as Shrek and Madagascar.

Shelley Page graduated from Kingston in 1977, and returned to campus as part of an international tour to showcase new animation talent.

‘I talk a lot about my time at Kingston University’

Shelley says the research skills she developed at Kingston University helped to build her career:

“When I’m travelling the world, I talk a lot about my time here at Kingston University. Learning to research is so important. Putting the material into your work that you’ve sourced, investigated and analysed is what makes a great artist.”

Talent from around the world

Shelley Page sources animation talent from around the world, with international projects opening in India and China. Kingston graphic design student Harriet Weeks found Shelley’s showcase event inspirational:

“It’s good to know that the skills we are learning can be transferred to so many different career paths. And to hear about the types of studios we should get placements at to take this career forward.”

Read more about Shelley Page’s visit on the Kingston University blog.

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