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The University of London

Royal Holloway, University of London

What is the University of London?

Many students ask this question. The University of London is quite different to many other universities. It was established in 1836 with its two founding members University College London and King’s College London. Today, it consists of 17 independent colleges and a number of smaller specialist research institutes. Each of the colleges within the University of London is considered a university in its own right. This means they set their own entry requirements and some also award their own degree. Each of the colleges has its own campus and offers its own services to students.

The colleges of the University of London are:

Other institutes include:

All students who are studying at the above institutions are also University of London students. This makes them part of a community of over 120,000 students and offers a number of advantages:

  1. Shared accommodation – the University of London offers student accommodation in central London. Students from the different colleges can live together, making this a great experience to make new friends from across different colleges.
  2. Shared student facilities – there are a number of student facilities that can be used by all University of London students, such as sports and leisure facilities in central London
  3. Shared learning facilities – as a University of London student, you will have access to almost all the libraries within the University of London. This provides great flexibility and access to a large number of books, journals and other library resources.

The University of London, via its International Programmes, also runs a large number of distance learning programmes for international students who want to study from their home country. They currently have over 50,000 students studying in 180 different countries.

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