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London’s universities attract over £500 million ($820 million) in research income. The funding for research comes from a number of different sources, including research councils, industry partners, National Health Services (NHS) and international charities, such as the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation.

Many of the great discoveries that have shaped our modern life took place at London universities, such as the discovery of DNA, Fingerprints and Penicillin. Every day, thousands of academics and students conduct research – not just in the sciences but also in the arts, humanities and social sciences.

Here are a few interesting research projects currently taking place in the city:

At University College London, researchers are developing eye drops which they hope will replace unpleasant and expensive eye injections required for many eye-related diseases. This could be a breakthrough for the millions worldwide suffering from eye disorders. Read more

At King’s College London, researchers will undertake work to develop the technology for a superfast 5G internet connection which could allow the UK to become a world leader in digital technology. Read more

Kingston University has received a major EU grant worth more than £500,000 to investigate how mobile health and wireless technologies can be used to monitor patients with multiple chronic diseases. The work is expected to have a major impact on healthcare. Read more

Led by Imperial College London, an international team of astronomers used a new way of combining data from two European Space Agency satellites to identify more distant galaxy clusters than has previously been possible. They found four unknown galaxy clusters each potentially containing thousands of individual galaxies. These clusters are believed to be some 10 billion light years from Earth. Read more

City University London is among four universities who have been given a share of £3 million by the Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council (EPSRC) to develop techniques to counter cyber criminals using malicious apps on smartphones. The EPSRC funding will also cover three teams carrying out research to enhance the UK’s cyber-security. Read more

If you are interested in research and want to make a difference in your discipline, there is no better place to be than London. And research is not just part of a PhD, students on Bachelor and Master’s degrees also get to work closely with academics to carry out their own research project!

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