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Looking for an international business hub? Come to London!


For Nigerian student Dr Eyenimi Ndiomu, London’s position as an international business hub is one of the key benefits of studying in London. Founder of Ubenwa – a mobile app that detects whether a newborn baby is struggling to breathe – Eyenimi was recently shortlisted for the International Student Innovation Award.

Before coming to London, Eyenimi completed his first degree in medicine in Nigeria and worked as a lead physician in a rural community in southern Nigeria for three years. This experience, coupled with his exposure volunteering with the Fisher Foundation – a research-focused non-governmental organisation involved in community projects in healthcare and education – motivated him to come to London to continue his studies.

Eyenimi said: “The educational system in London offered the necessary tools and resources for academic and professional development. From the renowned professors in the field of public health at the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine to access to extensive information technology facilities for research. London gave me the opportunity to connect with people from different parts of the world.”

Commenting on what inspired him to develop Ubenwa, Eyenimi said: “Birth asphyxia is a global problem, largely affecting developing countries where limited access to skilled medical personnel, diagnostic devices, electricity, and other logistic factors make it difficult to make prompt diagnosis. Having worked in medical centres in Nigeria, and witnessing cases of birth asphyxia, there is an urgent need for a cheaper, effective and more practical way of diagnosing this problem.”

Explaining the potential impact of his app, Eyenimi said: “If Ubenwa becomes available to community health workers and clinicians involved in the management of newborns, it could help prevent up to two million newborn babies dying every year. Children would be objectively monitored with ease and abnormalities spotted early to prevent complications.”

Aside from the educational benefits of London, Eyenimi also commented on what he likes most about the capital. “London is a very friendly place and you meet people from different parts of the world. You won’t only learn about British culture but you will get to know other cultures from different parts of the world. It is such a beautiful place and there are always things to see when you are not studying. London is an international business hub attracting multiracial, multicultural and multitalented people with lots of opportunities while studying and afterwards.”

Summing up the capital in three words, Eyenimi added: “London is multicultural, cosmopolitan, and exciting!” For more information about Eyenimi, see our student innovation video.

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