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Your Community in London – India

India in London

In our ‘Your Community in London’ series we will be looking at the different cultural communities in London. First on the list, India!

While students feel very excited about coming to London, it is also completely normal to feel a bit homesick when you arrive. At those times, students often want to seek home comforts so here is a guide to finding the Indian community in London. This is also great information for anyone who is simply a fan of Indian culture.

With over 500,000 Indians living in London, this vibrant community represents one of the largest ethnic groups in the city. They come from a variety of Indian states as well as East Africa, Southern Africa and the Caribbean.


Indian communities are found all across London. In West London, Southall is home to the UK’s largest Indian community, with Southall Broadway being popular for its Indian shops, cinemas and restaurants. Wembley and Harrow are home to sizable Gujarati and Tamil communities and other places with Indian communities around London include Upton Park in East London, Kingsbury in North London and Tooting in South London.


Indian shops and supermarkets are found all across the city. Here are examples of large Indian supermarkets that stock all manners of Indian products:

  • Bangla City in East London (86 Brick Lane, London, E1 6RL)
  • Deepak Foods in Tooting (953-959 Garratt Lane, Tooting, SW17 0LR)
  • Dokal & Sons in Southall (133-135 The Broadway, Southall, UB1 1LW)

You can also search for more stores using the Indian Foods Guide.


The Indian cuisine is a favourite in the UK and there are countless Indian restaurants in London. Many of them are excellent and offer meals at low prices. Some of our favourites include:

  • Tayyabs in East London (83-89 Fieldgate Street, London, E1 1JU)
  • Massala Zone in central London (48 Floral Street, WC2E 9DA)
  • Brilliant in Southall (72-76 Western Road, London, UB2 5DZ)

You can also search for many more of London’s best Indian restaurants.


There are several Indian cultural centres across London as well as a number of cinemas showing Bollywood movies. There are also a number of events relating to Indian culture which take place throughout the year. For more information, take a look at The Nehru Centre, the culture wing of the High Commission of India.


Over 5,000 Indian students are currently calling London their home. If you would like to find out more about their experiences here, take a look at the London Ambassador blogs, which feature several Indian students.

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