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What is the University of London?

Many students ask this question. The University of London is quite different to many other universities. It was established in 1836 with its two founding members University College London and King’s College London. Today, it consists of 17 independent colleges and a number of smaller specialist research institutes. Each of the colleges within the University of London is considered a university in its own right. This means they set their own entry requirements and some also award their own degree. Each of the colleges has its own campus and offers its own services to students.

The colleges of the University of London are:

Other institutes include:

All students who are studying at the above institutions are also University of London students. This makes them part of a community of over 120,000 students and offers a number of advantages:

  1. Shared accommodation – the University of London offers student accommodation in central London. Students from the different colleges can live together, making this a great experience to make new friends from across different colleges.
  2. Shared student facilities – there are a number of student facilities that can be used by all University of London students, such as sports and leisure facilities in central London
  3. Shared learning facilities – as a University of London student, you will have access to almost all the libraries within the University of London. This provides great flexibility and access to a large number of books, journals and other library resources.

The University of London, via its International Programmes, also runs a large number of distance learning programmes for international students who want to study from their home country. They currently have over 50,000 students studying in 180 different countries.

122 comments on “The University of London

  1. Dear Sir,
    I wish to read Computer Science or Banking and Finance in London University 2014 and will like to apply for. a loan. or scholarship and will be glad to hear from you in this respect. Yours faithfully,

    Benjamin Emadu.

  2. Selamawit Aweke says:

    Dear Sir/Madam,

    I’m very eager to study Accounting or Theater Arts in your University. Hope to hear good response.

    Selamawit Aweke

  3. Onyango Robert Otieno says:

    Dear Sir/ Madam

    I wish to study Electrical and Electronics Engineering in your Institution. I hold Diploma and Certificate in Electrical and Electronics Engineering from City & Guilds after a two year full time study at Railway Training Institute.
    I remain hopping to meet your kind consideration.

  4. Mamadú Saliu Djaló says:

    I wish to Study Entrepreneurship in your university next year (2015).
    I’ll be glad to hear from you in this respect.
    Yours Faithfull!

  5. ogbuji uchenna says:

    i hope to study medicine in ur university sir on scholarship Sir

  6. phyllis nduta says:

    I wish to study economics in your university next year 2015 on scholarship please. I will be glad to hear from you in this respect.
    yours faithfully

  7. odigbo ogechi says:

    I wish to study art and drama in London university by 2015,wish u can grant me the offer sir.

  8. cynthis says:

    I wish to study medicine in ur school on scholarship

  9. samira zenu says:

    dear madam i like to study scholarship in london by speacialized docter i am 4th year health officer student in my country i want to continue musters in london please.

  10. cherinet abeya says:

    Dear Sir,Madam
    I wish to economics, or Banking and Finance in London University 2017 and will like to apply for. a loan. or scholarship and will be glad to hear from you in this respect. Yours faithfully,

    cherinet Abeya.

  11. Kelvin Agboso says:

    I’d like to know what’s your tuition fee like for mechanical engineering international student?

  12. Reham says:

    I wish to study economics in your university next year 2017 on scholarship please. I will be glad to hear from you in this respect.

  13. Reham says:

    I wish to study economics or art and design in your university next year 2017 on scholarship please. I will be glad to hear from you in this respect.

  14. betigist says:

    I wish to study bachelor of veterinary science in your university by full funded free scholarship.I will be glad to hear from you in this respect.
    betigist. from Ethiopia

  15. Elizabeth offei says:

    I wish to study for a master’s degree in public health at London university. Any scholarship available

  16. Salmawa Simon says:

    I had post graduate in Education from University and Higher National Diploma in Business Admin and will like to study Human Resource in London University.I have more than six years of working experience with Nigerian Government. Can someone please link me up to any university?

  17. Akinyemi Temitope says:

    Hello…i wish to come over for masters in public health or occupational nurse. Thanks.

  18. DERA ADDAE says:


  19. Ambwene mwsgomba says:

    I would like to know what I should do to be awarded a scholarship.I would like to study business and finance

  20. omeme says:

    I would wish to study at London and to help the community as a whole am a second year at Maseno university pursuing degree in Geospatial information Science with IT

  21. shedrack greyson says:

    I wish to study electronics and communication engineering what can i do?

  22. lawson Marc says:

    Dear sir / madam
    I would like a study family and consumer science at any university in London this year (2016) or 2017 and will like to apply for a scholarship. I will be elated to hear from you in this regards.
    Yours faithfully,
    Lawson Marc


    I would like to know the procedure for application. I hold BSc in Electrical/Electronic Engineering. I wish to apply to your prestige university to study MSc in Energy related Program.

  24. fifi malti says:

    Dear sir,Madam
    I wish to study economics and business in london university on scholarship

  25. Niwagaba Martin says:

    Am glad to get notified of this wonderful offer. I would like to pursue my undergraduate degree in Computer Science in on of the London universities. hopefully wish to hear from you soon

  26. Desmond Dwomoh says:

    Hello, I want to study French in one of your universities and would like to know the precise university and if also there is a full scholarship for languages students. Thank you

  27. Samuel says:

    I wish to study telecommunication engineering
    I will be glad to hear from you in this respect .Thank you.

  28. Samuel says:

    I will want to study telecommunication engineering in one if the universities on scholarship.
    I will be glad if i can hear from you. Thank you.

  29. Luke Richard says:

    I have completed certificate in Telecommucation Technician and I would like to apply to further my diploma with your university under your scholarship program with your university.I will be very please to hear from you.

  30. Alemu Assefa says:

    I wish to study economics in london university in 2017 g.c. now i am BA in economics. I glad to hear ur posetive response .ur sincerly!
    Alemu Assefa

  31. Bamiduro Mary says:

    Please i would like to study International relations in your school on scholarship. I would be very grateful if my request is been granted. Thanks
    Yours Faithfully

  32. stephen nkhoma says:

    Dear Sir/Madam
    I wish to study medical laboratory science at London school of hygiene and tropical medicine.

  33. Atirsaw Chale says:

    Dear sir/madam
    Am Atirsaw Chale from Ethiopia. I Wish to study master degree in cadasteral surveying or geodesy and geomatics and related fields. I have bachlor degree in departement of land administration in four year regular program. If I get scolarship or sponser to learn master degree am very happy and study hardly please give the chance.

    yours faithfully
    Atirsaw Chale

  34. feyedu says:

    I want to learn my MSC in London university in industrial engineering

  35. Rabilu Sani Ahmad says:

    I just want do my masters in law in this prestigious university and I want know more about scholarship if there is any,thanks.

  36. luke gichana seme says:

    dear sir, madam
    i came from a poor family. am eager to study in the field of security but am requesting a loan or scholarship. happy to hear from you .

    luke seme- {kenya}

  37. Dereje Addugna says:

    I am ready to study in London University

  38. margaret nyambura says:

    Hi am happy to know more about your university and it is my humble request if i can get a scholarship to study for my masters degree there on pure mathematics

  39. I love to study economics in the university of London.therefore,I request for a scholarship

  40. Sidha Idris says:

    Hi ! There
    To study in London is like a wish for me.

  41. Ejovwoke .O says:

    Hi, i wish to study Business or Information Technology in London University come September, 2016. Can some one pls, give me a clear link to follow

  42. Muhammad Ibrahim Maiwake says:

    thanks for listening to me

  43. Caleb Obeng Offei says:

    I would like to study any health course at Brunel University under scholarship. I am a very good student though but need support in pushing myself to the top. Can you please do me a favor by helping me?

  44. rizwan khan says:

    Dear sir
    I wish that i am study in london . I want to study in london about computer I.T .i am from pakistan how i can get a study visa please tell me .

  45. Tigist Mezmur says:

    I happy if the university accept me to study Geothecnical engineering with scholarship.

  46. KARISA GERARD says:

    sir I kINDLY ask to study in LONDON University in economics,hope that my request will be put under your consideration.

  47. linonge kulu says:

    hello.i wish to study risk management

  48. atse says:

    very well

  49. Ngala Felix Shey says:

    Dear Sir/Madam
    I wish to read Human Resource Management in your instition and wish to apply for a schoolarship.I will be very glad to hear from you in advance.
    Yours Faithfully.

  50. Zabi says:

    I wish to study Construction Management or Highway Engineering in your Institution. I hold Diploma in civil Engineering and I wish to get Master degree in your institute.
    I remain hopping to meet your kind consideration!

  51. Manlat Dariem says:

    He wants to study tax law

  52. Manlat Dariem says:

    Ready to study and have a comprehensive knowledge that would aid my country later.

  53. medhanie says:

    I wish to study economics in ur school on scholarship

  54. Miriam Jemutai Boit says:

    I would like to study economics at your university on scholarship begin 2016 . Any space available.

  55. Abdalla Khamis Omar says:

    Hey let me ask assistance on how to get a chance here with financial support. Help meplease

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    I am not financially stable but I love to join you can you offer me a scholarship and I need to know more about it thank you

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    dear sir/madam i wish to study Msc.analytical chemistry or enveronmental analytical and i wish to apply loan or scholarship so as to help me to study because i come from poor family and i like to study to your university….i wish i will receive a positive feedback.Thanx

  58. Ismael Mohammed says:

    My dear,madam I want to study Electrical Engineering in your university. Now I’m 21 years old and I’m second year Electrical Engineering student at Debre Tabor University(one of Ethiopian university)

  59. Jacob I Aziko Kabura says:

    please sir i want study geography education what is the way out to succed that?and how to get scholership or loan to get started?am holding NCE in geography/economics.



  61. Hello i’m Benjamim from Mozambique i would appreciate to get a scholarship to study English by taking graduation so how can i get a scholarship? i hope hearing from you.

  62. Thomas, Kazhigila says:

    I wish to study master of technology of physical or inorganic chemistry in one the London university. How can I apply and is there any way I can get scholarship? Please inform of any available opportunity.
    Am from nigeria

  63. Rose malama says:

    I would really love to study from London.. if I had enough resources or sponsors would have requested for that wish to come true… please help me apply for available scholarships to study from London….. your quick response will be highly appreciated

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