Tier 4 Student Visa – changes for 2014

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International students from outside the UK and European Union are required to apply for a Tier 4 Student Visa in order to study for a degree in the UK. You can find information about the Tier 4 Student Visa on our visa advice page.

The Home Office has recently published two Statements of Changes to the Immigration Rules which will come into effect between April and July 2014. The statements announce upcoming changes which may affect you if you are applying for your student visa this year.

We give a brief explanation of the three changes that are most likely to affect you below. For more detailed information and further changes, please visit UKCISA.

1. Changes to the list of nationalities which need a tuberculosis (TB) test before applying for a visa

Applicants from Algeria, Belarus, Bhutan, Burma, Iraq, Sri Lanka and Ukraine will need to take a tuberculosis (TB) test at an approved clinic before applying for a Tier 4 visa to come to the UK for a course of 6 months or more. This change takes effect from 31 March 2014.

2. Changes to the amount of money you need to show when applying for your visa

When applying for a Tier 4 Visa, you need to show that you have sufficient amounts of money to finance your living costs. For students wishing to study in inner London, the required maintenance will increase from £1,000 per month of study to £1,020 per month of study. If you will study in outer London, you will need £820 a month. This change takes effect from 1 July 2014.

3. Changes to “low risk” nationality rules

With effect from 6 April 2014, “low risk” applicants are no longer exempt from the credibility interview.

Also, nationals from Oman, Qatar and the United Arab Emirates (UAE) have been added to the list of “low risk” countries.

Applicants from “low risk” countries do not need to provide evidence to show they meet the maintenance and qualification requirements. Instead, you will be required to sign a declaration stating you have the correct maintenance and qualification requirement.

If you are from a “low risk” country, it is important that you still obtain the evidence of your qualifications and your money, even though you do not need to send them. This is because the Home Office can still request this evidence when processing your application.

For more application tips on how to apply for the Tier 4 Student visa, read our visa blog post.

40 comments on “Tier 4 Student Visa – changes for 2014

  1. dr adil akhtar says:

    i am a diabetologist and working in the field of diabetic foot since many years ,i want to upgrade my skills in this field

  2. Hailezghi says:

    Please I have more interest to study in London university

  3. Olabiyi Odunayo says:

    I want to make an enquires whether my country Nigeria is among the low risk countries.


  4. liban says:

    Hi my mane is liban am somalia i request to allow me in this university thanks

  5. Muhammad says:

    I am level 5 student after my lvl 5 completion i m eligible for master degree?? And if not after what lvl i m eligible??

    • Study London says:

      Hi Muhammad, I am afraid I cannot help without knowing which country you are studying at and what qualification you are taking. Generally, you will be required to have a Bachelor degree which in most countries takes 4 years.

  6. oumar ndiaye says:

    i want to get a london visa in order to continue my study in its university

  7. Olwethu says:

    Hi I’m Olwethu from South Africa, I’m willing to study at London doing a social work. I’m currently doing my first year level.

    • Study London says:

      Hello, you can use the course search to find courses in the field of social work in London. If you need more information, simply contact the university by clicking the ‘contact’ button on the course listing.

  8. Shonde Michael says:

    pls I’m undergraduate student in my country(Nigeria) studying Business Administration(year4). i’ll like to apply for a student visa in UK to further my Education(precisely my masters in MBA) Pls kindly advise on which steps I need to follow and the procedures. thanks you.

  9. muhammad goni says:

    hello, my name is Muhammad Goni from Nigeria, i’m currently a graduate from high school an i would like to study in London

  10. Vladyslav Galinskyi says:

    Hello. I am originally from Ukraine but already living and studying in the UK. Because I am planning to apply for extension of my TIER 4 student visa from inside the UK, I have a question – do I have to go back to Ukraine to get a Tuberculosis test or I can get it in an authorized clinic in London?
    I understand that this rule is fine for those who are in Ukraine but what about people who are already in the UK – should they all suddenly go back to Ukraine to get this test done or there is an option for them to do it in London?

    If yes, could you provide details.

    Thank you.

    • Study London says:

      Hello, unfortunately we are not able to provide individual visa advice on here. Please contact your prospective university with this question, they will be able to tell you the correct information. Thank you

    • Anna says:

      Hi Vladislav!

      I have the same question as you did, can you please tell what how did you solve it?)

  11. Ezekiel says:

    I applied for Tier4 General student visa and submitted in July only to find out that cost of living per month is now 7380 as against 7200 previously. Can this affect my application even though I have sufficient funds in my bank statement?

    • Study London says:

      Hello, yes the maintenance requirement for the Tier 4 visa increased as of 1 July 2014. Your application will be assessed based on the new requirement and therefore your bank statement needs to show that you have had at least the minimum amount of money in the account for 28 days prior to submitting your application.

  12. Abdallah says:

    Hello, i would like to know what are the documents that i should present for the visa Tier 4 , I am from Algeria ex ( Recent Passport, bank statement, TB test) IELTS ?? ) Can i have a full list ? thanks a lot

  13. M. Amine says:

    I have an inquiry which has been worrying me. I am an overseas postgraduate student in the UK. I will be finishing my thesis by November 2014 and will travel back home for a short break, then will come back to the UK for my graduation ceremony. the inquiry is, am i going to find critical situation with customs at the air port in London because of that issue? My visa is still valid though until summer next year but i’d be finished studying and just wait for my degree. I was told that i may be at risk and not get entry back to the UK. PS: (i can provide my ticket to fly back home after finishing my degree and prove my financial support. Oh,another thing; Now that i saw Algeria is among the TB risk list, do i have to take the test even though if i’m not willing to apply for any other visa?

    • Study London says:

      Hello, it is true that some students have been refused re-entry to the UK if their course has already finished. However, if you are only coming back for your graduation ceremony your university can provide you with a letter or an official invitation to the ceremony. While there is no guarantee that this will be accepted by the immigration officer, most students are able to enter the UK for their graduation ceremony with this evidence. Your return ticket will also assist your case. I would recommend you speak with the international student advice team at your university to ask for the confirmation letter and any other advice they may have.

  14. imane says:

    hi my name is imane i’m from algeria .i will be a aupair in uk i found a familly there but i don’t know how to apply for visa and what is the document i need for visa .
    thank you

    • Study London says:

      Hello, we are not able to advise on visa requirements for au pairs. We can only provide advice for those looking to study in the UK. You may wish to contact the British Council or British Embassy in Algeria for visa advice relating to your circumstances.

  15. Au pair en Londres says:

    Wants to au pair in London. I’m Chilean view and language school. I solicitirar student visitor visa to study and be au pair (not considered work) or should I apply for tier 4 for the English course and to be au pair ?? thanks

    • Study London says:

      Hello, the type of visa you should apply for depends on the course you want to study. On the student visitor visa you can study for up to 11 months. If your course is longer than 11 months, you will need to apply for the Tier 4 student visa. However, there are strict requirements for getting a Tier 4 visa. For example, the English course must involve at least 15 hours a week of organised daytime study and it must lead to an approved qualification. You must intend to study at an institution which is a Highly Trusted or A-rated Tier 4 sponsor. The course must also lead to a qualification at level B2 of the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR). If these requirements are not met, you should apply for a student visitor visa instead. You can find further information on this on the UKCISA website.

  16. Temitope says:

    Hello, is english test conducted in Heathrow airport for international student for masters

    • Study London says:

      Hello, no you will not be asked to take an English test when you arrive at the airport. However, your university will ask you to submit an English language certificate before providing you with a CAS number which you need to apply for your visa. You can find out more about English language requirements here.

  17. Zahra says:

    hi there, i am zahra from Algeria, i would like to know the tire 4 visa fees, thank you

    • Study London says:

      Hi Zahra, the cost of a Tier 4 visa is £322 for students applying from outside the UK. In addition to this, you will have to pay the Immigration Health Service Charge. You can read more about this charge here.

  18. Vaibhav says:

    I have applied for my tier 4 visa on June 26 at Mumbai.I paid fees for the application on June 10 and I received a call few days after I submitted my application on 26th June that I need to submit my bank statements of 28 days till June 10.I have submitted bank statements from May 24 to June 24 as I was under the assumption that the date of application would be when I submit my documents at VFS.If I now submit 28 day statement till June 10,then although I have the funds,they have not been there for 28 days.Can you please suggest what can be done as I am told to submit documents in 2 days time.Should I withdraw my application or should I proceed and submit the bank statements with a cover letter mentioning the confusion that caused this?Please advice.

    • Study London says:

      Hello, the rules on providing evidence of your financial situation are very strict. You have already submitted a bank statement and have been told that the dates on this are not correct. If you now submit a bank statement with the correct dates, but the money has not been in the account for the full 28 days, it is likely that your application will be unsuccessful. Of course, the decision will be made by the immigration officer who is dealing with your application and every case will be considered carefully. However, you should be prepared that your application may be rejected because of this. While this is frustrating, you can of course apply again once you have all the correct documents.

      • Vaibhav says:

        Thanks for your reply.Do you suggest me to still go ahead and hope for visa officer to sumbit a decision in my favor or do you advice me to withdraw my application?
        Also,if I withdraw my application,will I need a new CAS,and what are the implications of visa application withdrawal in my future visa application to UK?

        • Study London says:

          Hello again, withdrawing a visa application does not impact on any future applications. However, we cannot advise on whether you should withdraw your application or not. I would strongly suggest you speak to the visa advice team at the university you are applying to. They will have trained staff who will be able to help you with this.

  19. Gillian says:

    Hi. I have withdrawn my tier 4 student visa application due to a minor mistake. I have corrected the error and am about to submit the new application. As the first application was withdrawn before submitting supporting documents and a refund requested, will I need a new CAS for the second application?

    • Study London says:

      Hi Gillian, I’m afraid I’m not sure about this one as it normally depends on how far along your application went. It’s best to check with the visa advice team at your university.

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