Top 12 degree subjects for getting a job in the UK

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When choosing which degree course to study, students are often torn between courses they find interesting and courses that will enhance their job prospects. The good news is that at UK universities, great emphasis is placed on teaching students transferable skills. This means many students study a particular subject but then use the skills gained during their studies to work in a different field.

Nonetheless, there are a number of courses which offer some straightforward career paths for students. The Telegraph has collated a list of the top 12 degree subjects for getting a job after graduating:

  1. Medicine and Dentistry

Medicine and Dentistry graduates have the highest graduate employment rates. About 99.4% of graduates succeeded in finding jobs or go on to further study within six months of graduating. The majority of medicine and dentistry graduates (92%) found employment in the UK. There are five medical schools in London.

  1. Education

92.6% of graduate students with degrees relating to education found work or decided on further study. A number of excellent universities offer education degrees in London, including the world renowned UCL Institute of Education.

  1. Veterinary science

Veterinary science ranks third in the graduate employment statistics, with 91.9% of graduates in either work or study. In London, the Royal Veterinary College provides world-leading veterinary science education.

  1. Subjects allied to medicine

Subjects allied to medicine also provide good career prospects for students. This category includes degrees such as biomedical science and neurology, where 91.8% of graduates could quickly find a job after graduation. Read the life sciences subject guide for information on which universities offer relevant courses.

  1. Law

Law graduates are amongst the most successful in finding well-paid employment. Around 88.6% of law graduates found work or some form of further study. Read about the best law schools in London.

  1. Biological sciences

87.1% of biological sciences graduates found jobs or went on to further study shortly after graduating. They are sought after in a number of industries such as the booming biotech industry.

  1. Mathematical sciences

Mathematicians are needed in many industries and thus graduate employment chances are good. 86.5% of graduates found work or further education within six months of graduating.

  1. Languages

Languages are a highly sought after skill in the job market, which is confirmed by the statistics – 86% of language graduates succeeded in finding jobs.

  1. Engineering

85.4% of engineering graduates found work or took up further studies after graduating. There are a number of universities in London which offer a wide spectrum of engineering degrees. Read about the top engineering courses in London.

  1. Historical & philosophical studies

Not at the top of the list for many international students, but historical and philosophical studies graduates do well in the job market. 85.4 % had landed jobs or further studies within six months of finishing their degrees.

  1. Architecture, building and planning

Architecture is a popular course choice for international students and graduates have good employment chances. 85.2% of graduates in this area were successful in finding jobs or further educations. Read about the top architecture courses in London.

  1. Business & administrative studies

Business and administrative studies includes some of the most popular degree subjects for international students in London. 85% of graduates with a business degree found work or further study within six months of graduating. Find out more about the best business schools in London.

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      Hello, please take a look at our Your Country section to find general entry requirements for international students. Should your country not be listed, please contact the universities you are interested in directly for more information about their entry requirements.

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