Undergraduate scholarships at London universities

UG scholarships

There are many different scholarship options available for students who want to study an undergraduate degree at a London university. The majority of scholarships offer cash awards or tuition fee discounts.

The list of scholarships below is only a small selection of scholarships currently available at London universities. Please visit the universities’ websites for complete lists of all their scholarships. Click here for a full list of universities in London and links to their websites.

Brunel University London

City University London

Coventry University London Campus

King’s College London

  • Desmond Tutu Scholarship: £1,000 cash award in the first year of study. Applications close 1st April 2015
  • Dickson Poon Undergraduate Scholarships: 75 scholarships for undergraduate Law students. Scholarships are worth £18,000, £27,000 or £36,000 and can be claimed as cash awards or tuition fee discounts. Applications close 22nd February 2015

London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE)

  • LSE Undergraduate Support Scheme: The amount depends on the financial needs of students but the awards tend to be between £6,000 and £15,000. Applications will close in April 2015
  • Country based scholarships: Scholarships are available for students from a number of countries in Africa and the Middle East as well as students from Mauritius and Singapore. Applications close 28th April 2015

London South Bank University

  • Nationality Scholarships: £1,000 tuition fee reduction for students from the countries listed on the LSBU website. All eligible applicants to the university will automatically be considered

Middlesex University

Queen Mary University of London

Regents University London

Royal Holloway, University of London

St Mary’s University, Twickenham

Trinity Laban Conservatoire of Music and Dance

  • Trinity Laban Scholarship: The majority of awards are partial tuition awards but Trinity Laban also offers some full tuition awards to especially gifted musicians and dancers who participate in the live auditions. All applicants to Trinity Laban will automatically be considered for the scholarship.
  • Undergraduate Scholarships: A range of partial scholarships and bursaries are available for talented students. Contact Trinity Laban for further details.

University of Roehampton

Please note that universities announce new scholarships all the time so continue to check the websites of your favourite universities regularly. You can also contact the universities directly via this website.

In order to apply for a scholarship, you have to apply for a course at the university first. Read advice on how to apply for an undergraduate course in the UK.

101 comments on “Undergraduate scholarships at London universities

  1. Sisipho says:

    Hi.I’m from South Africa and I’m an average student,I guess my question is are there scholarships for average students.

    • Study London says:

      Hello, the majority of scholarships are awarded to high achieving students. The eligibility criteria of the scholarships will usually tell you what the university is looking for. If in doubt, you can contact the universities directly to find out more.

      • Sana Saleem says:

        Hay I have done Matriculation with 83% marks.I want scholarship for the next study.Is it possible?

        • Study London says:

          Hello, the majority of scholarships are based on academic achievements. I don’t know where you are from but if 83% is a high grade in your country, then you have a chance of being successful. You will first need to apply for an academic course before applying for a scholarship.

  2. shan sahib says:

    i got admission on coventry university london campus and also got the first year scholorship worth £1,000.can i get any other scholorship for my studies.

    • Study London says:

      Hello, congratulations on your offer to study in London and your scholarship. Your best option is to speak to Coventry University London Campus directly to see if you can apply for any other scholarships on offer at the university.

  3. Abdallah says:

    I realy need a scholarship to continue my education

  4. Sonia Sanchez says:

    hello , I’m from Morocco , and I want to know what are to universities in London that will surely accept me for september 2015 ( because I think that universities like UCL and imperial collge are very selective … )

    • Study London says:

      Hi Sonia, there is no guaranteed acceptance at any of the universities. You are right, UCL and Imperial are amongst the most selective universities but all universities will need to look at your application and qualifications to make a decision as to whether to accept you.

  5. Tapiwa Chipunga says:

    Are there any scholarships for those who really want to develop but don’t have the finances. Also how can I get the email addresses of the colleges.

    • Study London says:

      Hello, you can click on the universities’ names in the article to visit their profile page. On there, you can use the ‘contact’ button to send a message to the university. This message will go directly to the university’s admissions team. For other contact details, you need to visit the university’s website directly.

  6. ubani justice says:

    Hello I am from Nigeria how can I apply for a schorlaship to enter a university.

    • Study London says:

      Hello, you need to apply directly to the universities that offer the scholarships. First you need to submit an application for a course, followed by the scholarship application.

  7. Alex Chuma says:

    Can I apply scholarship even if I am not applying for the admission yet?

    • Study London says:

      Hi Alex, all the scholarships we have seen so far for next year require that you submit an academic application first. This way the university can see that you are a suitable candidate for the course before they consider you for the scholarship. You can apply for a course even if you have not completed your current studies yet, as long as you are due to complete your studies before the start of the university course.

  8. Bogere emmanuel says:

    are there scholarships for computer science students i applied to kings college london

  9. Bogere emmanuel says:

    and any scholarships for computer science full scholarships in general in london

    • Study London says:

      Hi, unfortunately universities change their scholarship offerings quite regularly so you need to check on the universities’ websites for details of their scholarships

  10. Mercy says:

    Hi, I’m mercy from nigeria, I wish to study medicine and surgery and I don’t hav a sponsor, how do I go abt it pls?

  11. muhaimin mareum khan says:

    Are there no scholarships available from UCL or ICL?

    • Study London says:

      Hello, as mentioned in the blog post, this is only a selection of scholarships available and you should visit the websites of your preferred universities to find all the scholarships on offer.

      Imperial College London offers the President’s Undergraduate Scholarship. However, only students who applied by 15th October 2014 will be considered.

      UCL has recently launched its scholarship database where you can enter your level of study and country of domicile to find relevant scholarships.

    • ALELEGN YIMER says:

      i want to get free study in london. please share me your adevice

      • Study London says:

        Hello, all university courses in London require students to pay tuition fees. You can follow the links above to see if you can secure a scholarship to cover your fees.

  12. gamsi says:

    hello am a university student from cameroon. please my question is do they offer scholarship for post graduates

  13. AWULE says:

    I am a south Sudanese from central equatoria will one of the scholarship but some conditions are affecting me may you help me

  14. ruthyhillary says:

    hello, is there any art univesities scholarships at the moment?

  15. Gheed says:

    I’m looking for ascholarship can you help me please! Because my future is nothing here(iraq) i want to study in london! Please help

  16. Minychel Wale says:

    Hi.I’m from Ethiopia and I’m an an outstanding student and have a good result ,I hope you will consider my desire and give scholarship opportunity.

  17. Paulo says:

    hello, is there postgraduate scholarships?

  18. cyndy says:

    can i apply for a full scholarship for a student taking his high school examination in june 2015?

    • Study London says:

      Hi Cyndy. You can apply to a university even before you finish your high school, as long as you will receive your final results before the start of the university course. Therefore, if you finish school in June 2015, you can apply for a course at a university now. If the university wants to accept you, they will give you a conditional offer, based on the condition that you have to meet the entry requirements with your final results in June. Once you have applied to an academic course, you can apply for the scholarships offered by the university.

  19. sam mayihlome says:

    i just want to hear more about bursaries

  20. khalifa emna says:

    Hi, I m a student from Tunisia , I studied three years radiologia in Tunisia and I would like to complet studing in London by choosing a course in the field of health. I m wondering whether I m eligible to have scholarship , and which course I can choose. Please guide me

  21. julian says:

    Am really loving this. Appreciate that and I really need a scholarship. Someone help me because looks there is a lot of bureaucracy

  22. Aboauday says:

    Hello, I am from Sudan I studied electrical engineering in Sudan .
    I want to study the master in engineering or management , I searsh for university to study in it ,can you help me ?

  23. chibuike says:

    am from Nigeria. I want to study building technology and architecture technology. which university is best for me to study these course.

  24. pantea says:

    Hi,what time do the postgraduate scholarships will start?

    • Study London says:

      Hi, applications for postgraduate courses are already open. Many universities have also already published their postgraduate scholarships for next year. Please use the course search to find out which universities offer the course you are interested in. You can then visit the universities’ websites or contact them directly to find out about the scholarship options.

  25. Ngwanghu Ernestine Ngwayi says:

    please i am interested to have an undergraduate scholarship

  26. Ibrahim says:

    iam from Nigeria and I want to study accounting or banking and finance,how can I apply and also to apply for scholarship?

  27. Alie Bangura says:

    Hi i am poor physically challenge person living in sierra Leone,who want to pursue my education in university level but due to poverty reasons but want to study in london

  28. Kanwal Kumar says:

    Hey I am from Pakistan. I have done Intermediate with 76% marks.I want scholarship for the next study.Is it possible?

    • Study London says:

      Hello, the scholarships are given out by the universities. Every university has different requirements, so it’s best you contact the universities you are interested in directly to find out what grades they require.

  29. Hesham samir says:

    Hey .. iam from Egypt and i have 1 semester left .. my major is finance and business.. i was looking for scholarship in London . the issue is i don’t have money.. so i am looking at totally free scholarship.thanks in advance.

    • Study London says:

      Hello, are you looking to do your masters in the UK after you graduate? Many universities have scholarship options but most of them are part scholarships. I would recommend you use the course search to find out which universities offer the course you are interested in and then contact these universities to ask about their scholarship options and requirements.

  30. madukasi madonnamercy says:

    Really I need this scholarship friend.

  31. Imane says:

    Hello, I’m a baccalaureate student from Morocco & I like to ask is there any available
    scholarships to attend a university in london next year

    • Study London says:

      Hello Imane, it’s best to contact the universities that you are interested in directly to find out what the options are for the course you are interested in. You can use the course search to see which universities offer your subject area.

  32. Funmilayo says:

    Is there any scholarship for computer science nd which university should i apply to

    • Study London says:

      Hello, you will need to check the websites of the universities or contact them directly to find out if there are any specific scholarships for computer science students.

  33. Mantasha Khurshid says:

    I am pursuing bachelor in social work first year from Aligarh Muslim University..i want to do Mass. Communication from London..but i dont have any idea about it..plus there is financial challenge also..can you please suggest me something which can help me atleast alittle..

    • Study London says:

      Hello, you can use the course search to find out which universities offer the course you are interested in. You can then contact these universities to find out about their entry requirements, application procedure and scholarship options.

  34. trust says:

    im Trust from zimbabwe. i want to know if there is an agent on your study in UK program. and also, are there scholarship to study pharmacy?

    • Study London says:

      Hello Trust, you can use the course search to find out which universities offer pharmacy. You can then contact these universities directly to ask questions or to find out if they are working with an agent in Zimbabwe.

  35. Tufayel says:

    Hi I’m from bangladesh. I want to know, is there any schloarship for polytecnic diploma holder’s ?
    n Whats I require to get a schloarship ?
    Please let me know…

    • Study London says:

      Hello, please check the requirements of the scholarships you are interested in. If they are not listed on the universities websites, you need to contact them directly.

  36. Moustafa Mohamed says:

    i am an average undergraduate studying in Egypt (Architecture & Urban Design)my GPA is not that high though but i do get A’s in my Design projects…do you have any information about Universities that might consider me for a scholarship or a work study program given my financial situation doesn’t enable my study in London dream. Thank you!

    • Study London says:

      Hello, if you are thinking of coming to the UK for your masters, there are many different scholarships available for postgraduate students. You will need to contact the universities you are interested in directly though to find out about the requirements. You can use the course search to find courses in your field of study.

  37. Rajib says:

    Hi is A Polytechnic Diploma equivalent
    to a Higher National Diploma HND (post A level )
    in the UK ?

    • Study London says:

      Hi Rajib, generally polytechnic diplomas are regarded similarly to HNDs and are accepted by universities for entry into Year 1 or 2 of a Bachelor degree (this depends the institution you graduated from, your grades and the policies of the university in the UK). If you would like to get an official Statement of Comparibility, you can do this by contacting UK NARIC. However, most universities are familiar with a wide variety of qualifications from around the world. If you have specific questions, you could contact the universities you are interested in directly.

  38. blessmore muzaka says:

    hie i am a guy aged 21. i would like to apply for a scholaship to study i.t or i.t related programmes please help.i am from zimbabwe and please tell the requirements on how to do that thnk you.

  39. Adeboye Alfred says:

    Hi..i’m Adeboye Alfred, a Nigerian and my questions are:
    [i] Is there any full scholarship for GAMES DESIGN (software engineering) in UK?
    [ii] Which foreign exams do i need to enter a UK University?
    Thanks for spending part of your precious time reading this.

  40. Rajib says:

    Hi I’m Rajib from Bangladesh. I’m a polytechnic diploma holder. I want to know is there any full undergradute scholarship for bangldeshi polytechnic diploma holders in any engineering subjects ?
    plz let me know

  41. Many Marcelo says:

    Olá, primeiramente muitos parabens pelo site,muito rico de informação e util. Eu sou Marcelo,de 17 anos de idade,angolano, ensino médio concluido,num instituto médio indústrial de luanda no curso de Desenhador projectist (Arquitectura), gostaria de saber,se existe uma bolsa de estudo Africa especifica para minha regiao? Se há,por favor envia me links para poder entrar em contacto. E uma vez o nosso ensino é em portugues? O nosso certificado é reconhecido ou aceito? Por favor também enviar links. Muito Obrigado

  42. Many Marcelo says:

    Hello, first many congratulations on site, very rich and useful information. I am Marcelo, 17-year-old Angolan, high school completed, an average Industrial Institute of Luanda in the course designer projectist (Architecture), I wonder if there is an Africa scholarship specific to my region? If so, please send me links to be able to get in touch. And since our school is in Portuguese? Our certificate is recognized or accepted? Please also send links. Many Thanks

    • Study London says:

      Hello, many universities offer specific scholarships for students from Africa. Please start by using the course search to see which universities offer the course you are interested in. You can then look on the universities’ websites or contact the universities directly for information about their scholarships. UK universities accept a wide range of qualifications from around the world. You can contact your chosen universities to ask what grades you will require for your chosen course.

  43. Many Marcelo says:

    Hello … is there a specific scholarship to the region of Angola in Africa, and will be our certicado is recognized? since we speak Portuguese? If possible send links where I can find more details and help, or a list. thanked

  44. Reem says:

    hi, I finished the higher secondary on average 92.5% can I find a scholarship in medicine


    how many scholarships for computer science are there for international undergraduate students outside EU i am from africa and how can i apply and what organisations offer scholarships to undergraduate students and how can i apply i applied to kings college london

    • Study London says:

      Hello, as mentioned in the article you need to apply for an academic course at your chosen university before applying for a scholarship. You can use the course search to find computer science courses in London and then contact these universities for information about the scholarships available

  46. samuel says:

    I am a genius.i live in Ghana. I want study in London but i don’t have the support. How do i go about this?

  47. zarpana says:

    hello, please help me how can i apply for undergraduate course in any university of london ? and how much is its cost because i want a cheaper or a minimum tuition fee ?

  48. vanshika pawar says:

    hello..rightnow i am persueing my 12th with commerce stream from india would you please provide me the details of the universities with full funded scholarships

  49. Davidloveth says:

    Please notify me of latest scholarship post via email

  50. Evans Dwamena says:

    I am Evans Kwadwo Dwamena from Ghana, and would like to know whether there are scholarship opportunities for Polytechnic graduates with second class upper Division who want to read law; and if there are, can you please provide me with a list of the universities that may provide such offers.
    Please notify me also of the latest scholarship posts via email

  51. Margaret Arthur says:

    please I completed senior high school this year I want to offer midwifery at Middlesex University London their office too in Africa is in Dubai but am in Ghana can you please help me as to how to apply

  52. bina rai says:

    is there any scholarship for 2016 intake?

  53. Ibrahim Muhammad maiwake says:

    tanks for listing to me

  54. Ibrahim Muhammad maiwake says:

    primary school certificate and secondary school certificate

  55. Frank says:

    Hi! Am Frank from Tanzania am looking for full scholarship to study in uk, please how can i get it becouse I real want to study in ukuk am intend to finish my diploma in electronics and communication engineering on Jun 2016

  56. Gabriel says:

    Hello, I am a Peruvian student who is very interested in studying Molecular Biology in London. The problem is that I do not have an IB, but I did pretty well in school with an average percent of 93%. I would really appreciate if you could let me know if there is any opportunity to receive financial aid and study in such a beautiful city.

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