“What I love most about London is its dynamism”

French student Enzo Marius Gendreau came to London in 2015 to study Business at Queen Mary, University of London (QMUL). One of the stars of an upcoming video series about studying in London, Enzo decided to come to London to pursue his dreams of setting up his own marketing company.

Originally from Bordeaux, Enzo commented on what he loves most about London: “The best thing about studying in London is the opportunity to meet people from many different countries. This makes you feel like you’re at the centre of the world where everyone from every country can meet each other.”

Living in a global city is important to Enzo and he highlights London’s diversity as one of its strengths. Enzo said: “What I love the most about London is its dynamism. The overall feeling of this city is so unique, it feels like time’s moving so fast and that you can achieve anything you want here. It is really important to me to study in a diverse and multicultural city because you can interact with people from all over the world, discover different cultures and enjoy little things that are so different from your home country.”

Commenting on why he chose to study at QMUL, Enzo said: “I’m really enjoying studying at QMUL. I came here because of the quality of the courses and the university’s global reputation. Having such a prestigious university on my CV will be a real boost. The best thing about studying at QMUL is the tutors and the quality of the classrooms – everything is really clean and fresh.”

Enzo continued: “By studying different modules and courses, I’ve been able to discover what I want to do as a job for the rest of my life. My dream is to set up my own marketing company. Being in London has enabled me to network with a wide range of people, including potential business partners.”
Enzo added: “London is the type of city where you just can’t be bored. It’s diverse, fascinating and beautiful. There’s always somewhere new to visit, a friend to meet or a party to go to. My advice to other international students considering studying in London is simple: Do not hesitate, just go! You’ll always find people to enjoy and embrace this city with.” Interested in studying Business? See our course guide for more information.

16 comments on ““What I love most about London is its dynamism”

  1. Asgele asfeha says:

    My name is asgele asfeha from ethiopia, i am a civil engineer with work exp. Two years ,but now i need to specialise in one of the civil engineering courses like structural,highway,railway engineering in masters degree in this university so how can i get my dream of study in london ? With great regards .

  2. IBSA ABDUKRIM says:

    My name is Ibsa Abdukerim from Ethiopia I am a chemist at soap factory with one years experience. I need to take another course by Business Economics in the university of Westminster so, how can i get my hope of study in London?with Best rgards.

  3. Elvis kibet says:

    It’s my wish to join you ,since am an Environmentalist student as well as an Athlete.

  4. Eric Langwe says:

    How can I be enrolled in London Universities? I would like to study in London because the Certificates obtained from London are highly respected across the world.

  5. Aboubacarr singhateh says:

    I had about the school the school is a very good school congratulations I really like.

  6. bakare ilesanmi says:

    I wish to study accountancy in uk

  7. adam osman abdi nor says:

    I loved to stay in London bcz its a big country and relaible place and I like to study there

  8. OUKO ROBERT says:

    I wish to my master in Uk

  9. salisu mohammed says:

    İ like to study my masters in UK

  10. Rida khani says:

    I wish to study my MPhil from London’s best university

  11. Okey says:

    i am Isabella from Nigeria,it has always been my dream to study in London because i no that i will acquire some things that i will use to change my world but some environmental factor like finance has been limiting me. please i want to no if there is any scholarship opportunity?

  12. Okey says:

    i love London universities because of the outstanding Graduates they produce and the environment at which the school is situated.

  13. Abebe says:

    the resoan why I dream to learn in London at the first stage is to be intellectual, as the education and environment there have excellent reputation. And education in such environment in not only make me knowlegeable but also bright the World. So, I am from Ethiopia where there is no a means to educate more not only abroad even in domestic. Finally, you have more than us please share what you have to educate me.

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