What is the cheapest university in London?

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International students on our Facebook page frequently ask us to help them find a UK or London university with the lowest tuition fees and costs.

It is very difficult to answer this question for a number of reasons. Tuition fees for international students can vary considerably between courses even at the same university. There are many factors that influence the costs, including the number of teaching hours and required teaching facilities. You will often find that science courses are more expensive than courses in the arts, humanities or social sciences. Read our guide explaining the average tuition fees to study in London.

Most universities cannot and should not be compared by price. When looking for a university it is important to remember your education is an investment in your future.  You should focus on the course you want to study and the university’s reputation for that subject area. Use the course search to find courses that interest you and see what the tuition fees are for the courses. If you need further information, you can always contact the university with your questions.

However, we do understand that many students need to save money when studying abroad so here are some tips to help you find good value universities for your money in London.

How to Find a Good Value University in London

  • Study university rankings. Tuition fee prices are often linked to a university’s ranking. The higher the ranking, the more expensive the course is likely to be. Use university rankings as a guide to the potential price of your shortlisted universities.
  • High price does not always equal high quality. Look closely at the university rankings and compare the many different rankings that are available to you. Look at rankings for student satisfaction and graduate employment too. And remember, some rankings are the overall score for the entire university – rankings for different subjects at the same university can vary. Review our subject guides to see which universities perform well for your subject area.
  • Look beyond the rankings. Rankings can only tell you so much. Visit student forums to see what current students are saying about their university. Or look at a university’s links with employers and visit their website to take a look at the career services available to you.
  • Choose a less popular course. Popular degree courses such as medicine, law and management can often be more expensive than other courses. Consider other courses aligned to your preferred course choice. Use our course search to find similar courses to your first choice.
  • Reduce your living costs. Stretch your budget by saving money on student accommodation by sharing with other students. You can also save money by shopping around for student discounts or by spending your free time visiting London’s many free attractions, museums and galleries.

Read more application advice, discover the cost of living in London as a student or start searching for your perfect London university.

Last Updated: April 2016

445 comments on “What is the cheapest university in London?

  1. vasiti volele says:

    What if I can’t pay my total fees in full? Are there arrangements that you can make?

    • Study London says:

      Hello Vasiti, most universities allow you to pay your tuition fees in instalments / smaller payments rather than paying the entire fee in one big sum. Check with your chosen university – they all have different payment arrangements (usually 2 or 3 instalments). Good luck.

      • Bridget says:

        I am non EU nationality living in EU country for 13 and having my education and residence in a EU country ad Well for 13 yrs. In term of fees am i a UE or non EU student?

        • Study London says:

          Hi Bridget, there are many different aspects that get taken into account when you apply to a university in the UK. Take a look at the UKCISA website to see which conditions you need to meet in order to qualify for ‘home/EU’ fees.

      • gul m baig says:

        dear sir what is differet between part time and full time course and what ic 2:2

        • Study London says:

          Hello, a part-time course means that students study fewer hours a week but over a longer period of time. This option is popular with students who are already working and want to study alongside their work. International students who require a visa to study in the UK cannot study part-time. Instead, international students have to take a full-time course which means that the majority of their time in the UK is spent studying.

      • gul m baig says:

        dear sir whic is the university in london having lowest fee for llm

      • Arsalan zahid says:

        Hello study london,I wanted to ask that Iam currently studyi mg in BE civil engineering here in pakistan and I have a mind of going abroad for doing Masters in civil engineering,Can you tell me how much that might cost me,can you give it a guess if not accurate.

    • OMADBEK says:

      I do not know how to enter the UK university

    • Quasir Razzaq says:

      i would like to study in ur college.iam from pakistan .please advice.

  2. saicharan says:

    “hi i finished my ms in toxicology in UEL, i returned to my hometown after my psw expired, now i would like to do my Phd in UK. now the question is am i able to get visa if so which visa .kindly help”

    • Study London says:

      Hello Saicharan – if you meet all the requirements you should be able to apply for another Tier 4 visa – so long as each course is progressive (e.g. studying a PhD after a Masters) you can continue to apply for the Tier 4 visa. Good luck.

  3. muhsin says:

    how are you
    i have MB.ch.b certify in general medicine and surgery of Duhok university in Iraq,i want know that i can continue my study in one of universities of London

    but i want cheapest one

  4. davis says:

    Is it possible to transfer of courses if you are studying in another university?

    • Study London says:

      Hello Davis – yes it is possible but it is not an easy process and it can be time consuming. It will require a lot of patience and research. First you need to find a London university with a similar course you would like to transfer to. Then you need to contact the university you wish to change to and give them all the details of your current course, how many credits you have and a list of the modules and assessments you have currently completed. You can ask your current university for this list and they should be able to help you. You may need to contact several universities before you find one which will allow you to transfer. Good luck.

  5. Hanane says:

    I’m Hanane from Morocco .
    I’m in my last year in high school , and i want to know if i can find the best and cheapest university in UK or USA , and if i can get a scholarship ? How ? Do i need to pass the TOEFL exam and the SAT exam ?
    Can you please tell me which departments are available for me to apply for ? considering that Im a literature student .

  6. Hanane says:

    Ok , but which english language exam should i pass ? Because i heard that they’re many ?

  7. bilal says:

    my name is bilal am leaving in doha, qatar know learning as a associated degree in peenfoster unversity on online , so my question first i need the cheapest univesity in london and can i complete my university in london?

    • Study London says:

      Hi Bilal – the costs of studying in London vary, but average about £11,000. The most important thing is to find a course and university that is right for you. I’d start by using the course finder to find the right courses in London, then you can compare universities and prices

  8. bella asubeks says:

    Pls I am a graduate of mass communication I want to a masters in public relations and advertising in London university that is affordable pls can u help search for good schools for. Thank you

  9. Philip says:

    Excuse me, can I study a PG certificate that is more focused and vocational (Fashion in Buying and merchandising) after a Msc (Marketing), I am aware of the rule that says that studies should be incremental (UG, PG, Phd) but in this case, they are in the same level (4 I think)

  10. bilen says:

    Hi,My name is bilen from america i Gradutaed bussines and management as online course so i want to continue in london so is this possible from online to university of london ?

    • Study London says:

      Hi Bilen – courses and universities in London have different requirements, so you will need to check with the specific course you are interested in. When you have found the right course, send the university an enquiry to ask about requirements. There’s more information on our How to Apply to A London University page. I hope that helps

  11. HELA AL-ASSIL says:

    I wont to study Psychology but i dont speak english very well,,but just I wondering if i can or no?? also I do not have a college degree

  12. bilal says:

    Helo,,hi my name is bilal,,please i need ito know how many year it’s takes to do a degree for a bussienss and managemnet and also master and phd , i mean how many years it’s takes from the first bachlor degerr to ph degree in any university in london
    ? thanks

  13. Ali says:

    Hi my name is Ali can you tell me where is the cheapest university in england

  14. chuck martin says:

    I want to study a 1st degree medicine in london.. But d universities are all expensive.. Which cheap university wud be beta in UK

  15. Rabi Thapa says:

    Hello, I am a guy from Nepal and i completed my 12th grade 4 years back since then i an working in radio as senior program officer and in television but i dropped my studies.. now i want to continue the studies is there possibility? and is there a session of may or not?

  16. uce anthony says:

    please i need to know the name of the cheapest university in london. please i need help

  17. ikram says:

    what is the lowest university fee in london

  18. obed Gyedu Amankwah says:

    if i want know the university rank were will i go?

  19. kelvin says:

    Pls am an HND graduate of priting technology,I want to further my education in the UK,what course can I apply for?

  20. Rabi Thapa says:

    I am from nepal and i want take a short courses in uk on arts or design is there any for international students ?

  21. Menna Alaa says:

    hey i’m from Egypt & i’d like to apply but i was wondering if there are any English phonetics or Linguistics courses ? thanks in advance

  22. Mahmudu rahman says:

    Hy, i compleate my BBA degrre. So what is the lowest cost of MBA in londons any university?

  23. Bella says:

    I’m from Vietnam and I’m finding some good low fee universities and colleges around Woolwich, Greenwich, London. Can you give me some suggestions ?Thank you so much !

  24. rose ann says:

    hello 🙂 i’m a filippina but currently living in Italy. I would like to ask if I need a visa to go to London to study and to work part time at the same time? if yes, which visa will i need get? thanks.

  25. Toilib says:

    I would like to know if it is possible to apply for Diploma program while I have as last level: certificate of Engineering and Technology?
    If so, so, how to apply???

  26. praveen says:

    i have done postgraduate diploma in computers last year in a north-east university. 1) Now i would like to come there for a master degree do i need to do the IELTS again? 2)Will i get any discount in course fees because of my second visit 3)I have paid huge sum for the last course so i do not want to pay more again is there any cheap master course (comp) available in London? 4) will i get any internship or post study stay? could please answer my questions cheers mate!!!

  27. cat brett says:

    i’m from south africa and i want to study in any university in lodon but my problem is that i don’t know where to start and what to do and i also want a busary because i can’t afford the fees

  28. Meriam says:

    Hello , i would like to ask , im lebanese and i want to study in london , i made two years in american university / hospitality major and i want to transfer my courses to a good university but not expensive how could i make this and tell me a name of uni plzzzz and how to apply ???

  29. Crystal says:

    I did my BIT in computing from one of the uni of London. Now i am looking for a cheap university to complete my Masters in IT. I checked all the course from this site but non of them are under 9,000. I can not afford more than 8,000. Can you please tell me the name the uni who teach IT in around 8k. N another thing i did my IELTS two years back while applying for that UNI for my BIT. Do i need to give the IELTS again since it is valid for only two years so it is expired now. Thank You

  30. abi says:

    Im abi and im doing my B.E(2nd yr) here in Chennai(India)i want to do MS abroad anywhere in usa or uk.Guide me which is the cheapest university and hw much will be the fees and what is the procedure for me to take up MS course there??

  31. manish says:

    hi my name is manish.iam from india.what are the public funded college or university.can i get more hours to work by studying in these types of college???

  32. Zdravko says:

    Hi, I come from Bosnia and Herzegovina.I finish ed bachelor and have 10 years work experience. Now I am thinking about studying postgraduate in London and I have several question:
    First. My country is in Europe but unfortunately we are not part of EU. Should I pay as a overseas students. ( I mean do UK have some special agreement with my country about student’s payments).
    Second, if I got postgraduate certificate or diploma do I have a chance to find a job in UK.

  33. EMM says:

    I’m Imane from Morocco, I got my baccalaureate in physics. my questions are: Is there any chance for me to study in UK? and how can I apply for these universities?

  34. abdoo says:

    hi my name is abdessalam i’m from algeria i jus have question about if you have a member of your familly could he ease the application for me like paying the fees and another arrangement so it’ll be easy for me to study there i mean in london and thank you

  35. bikash says:

    would you please provide the list of universities in London area that can run MPhil and PHD in health and social care, life science with very cheap tuition fees. thanks

    • Study London says:

      Hi there, you can easily find the courses on offer by using the course search. There you can choose the level of study you want and type in your subject specialisation. Once you click on a course, the tuition fees are shown.

  36. PIOKELVIN says:

    HI am piokelvin i want u to give me names of cheap universities in London that i can apply for undergradute course

    • Study London says:

      Hello Piokelvin, universities charge different fees for different courses so it depends on what you want to study. Use the course search to find the course options for your preferred subject. Each course listing will show you the tuition fees of the course.

  37. Kamran says:

    My name is Kamran and studying International Studies (International Relations) actually at Central University of Venezuela(UCV), so I living in Caracas. I speak Persian (native/first language) and Spanish very well, and Also i started study english at British Council of Caracas for improve my speaking and writing. There are only a few mounths to graduate from Bachelor’s degree of International Relations, and I would continue my studies in UK, study Master Degree as International Trade or some equivalent career. I’ll be totally grateful, if you response me, how can I realize my estudies after Bachelor’s degree graduate? I’m planning now.
    Thank you

    • Study London says:

      Hello Kamran, please take a look at our How to Apply page for information on how you can apply to a London university. For masters degrees, you apply directly to the universities via their online application systems. You should apply before you finish your Bachelor degree to secure a place on the masters, but you will only be fully accepted once you show the university your final transcripts. Hope this helps!

  38. Melody says:

    Hi, please I want to find out if there are still Colleges/Universities that offer Tuition free courses in the UK (preferably PGD). Thanks

  39. max mamun says:

    i have completed my hsc on 2010 and got gpa 5.00 which is best result in bangladesh. then i m doing bba at national university.but now i want to go uk and restart bba program .is it possible

    • Study London says:

      Hello, different universities have different entry requirements. With your HSC GPA score, you may find some universities that will accept you directly into Year 1 of a Bachelor degree. However, other universities will ask you to complete a foundation year first. I would suggest you use the course search to find a number of courses you might be interested in. From there, you can contact the universities directly to find out what their requirements are exactly.

  40. Yousra Ragab says:

    Hello, I have a BA in English literature with a pass degree from the university of Alexandria, Egypt. I’m 33 years old. Do I have any chance at studying in England?

    • Study London says:

      Hello Yousra, UK universities accept a wide range of qualifications including degrees from Egypt. Please use the course search to identify which courses you would like to apply to. You can then contact the universities directly to find out the exact entry requirements for students from Egypt.

  41. noman arshad says:

    hi i am noman from pakistan i want to study in u.k i am graduate(b.com) i want to know about visa for u.k plz tell me about something? plz send me ans in my i.d i will be wait

  42. Doreth says:

    Hi, I am Doreth. And I was wondering how high you would rate the possibility for a dyslectic (person) to get a journalism scholarship? I am from Holand and I want to study journalism in London, I don’t really have high hopes so if the number of dyslectic with a journalism scholarship is above zero that would give me more hope to try it myself in two years.
    Kind regards,

    • Study London says:

      Hi Doreth, thank you for your message. Unfortunately, I do not have this kind of information as Study London is not involved in any scholarship allocations. I would recommend you contact your chosen universities to ask them for this information. In general, universities do not discriminate against student with dyslexia in any way. In fact, most universities provide extra support such as additional equipment and time extensions for exams so it is worth contacting them to find out more details.

  43. Doniyorjon says:

    Hello ! I am from Uzbekistan. I am looking for cheapest and good quality university in London wich I can afford around £6000 per year tuition fee.Please can you suggest me exact university names according to my wish please?

    • Study London says:

      Hello, universities set their own fees for international students and they can vary for each course. With over 30,000 courses on offer in London, I am afraid we are not able to go through each individual course for you. I suggest you use the course search to find the courses offered in your preferred field of study and level of study (Bachelor, Master, PhD). The course entry will then give you information on the relevant tuition fees.

  44. mahshab says:

    i have done my BSCS-Hons from Pakistan..now i want to do MS in Software Engineering from abroad but i have no information about this..please help me

    • Study London says:

      Hello, if your Bachelor was a two-year course, you will either need to continue to complete 4 years or enrol in the first year of a Bachelor degree in the UK. If you have already completed a 4-year Bachelor degree in Pakistan, you can apply for a Masters degree in the UK. You can use the course search to find the courses which are offered in Software Engineering. You can also find out more about how to apply to university here.

  45. Mrigna Kashyap says:

    Hello,I have the clearance of IELTS with 7 band score, but I wish to know about the cheapest law institutes in the UK offering LL.B undergraduate.
    Please advise

  46. Hassan Rizwan says:

    I’m a student from Pakistan and I just cleared my intermediate degree in Commerce now I want to apply for Undergraduate Business administration. Can you suggest me a suitable university?

    • Study London says:

      Hello Hassan, there are a wide variety of business courses available in London. Please use the course search to identify relevant courses.

      • Hassan Rizwan says:

        The thing is I want to know that can I apply without going through international foundation course?

        • Study London says:

          Hi again, students from Pakistan who have completed the Higher Secondary School Certificate will need to take a Foundation course before entering a Bachelor degree. Students are normally required to achieve an overall First Division pass (60% or higher) in the HSSC in order to be accepted onto an international foundation course. Hope this helps!

          • Hassan Rizwan says:

            I Want to ask that is it compulsory for me to have an international foundation years? Can I get admission directly?

          • Study London says:

            If your highest qualification is the Higher Secondary School Certificate (HSSC), then you have to either take a foundation course or complete another internationally recognised qualification (e.g. A-levels) as the HSSC is not accepted for direct admission. The foundation year can often be taken at the same university you want do your Bachelors degree at so you should identify some universities that you like and then contact them to enquire about their foundation course options.

  47. Hailey says:

    I know I’m still young since I’m 13 almost 14 , but Im looking foward to maybe a collage in Georgia , but I want to go to london afterwards. So I was thinkimg of just going to collage in london. But my family isn’t the kind to have lots of money. Is there anything ud recommend I do?

    • Study London says:

      Hi Hailey, good to hear you are starting to think about your future studies already. Scholarships for undergraduate students (Bachelor degrees) are quite limited unfortunately. Some universities will give international students with excellent grades a tuition fee discount, but full scholarships are not common. I would recommend you read our blog on finding a scholarship to study in London as it might help you start off your scholarship search. Please keep in mind that scholarships change every year so there may be others available by the time you want to go to university. Good luck!

  48. Lori says:

    I am from Albania and i have just finished my high school and i am interested to start the university in London. Please can you give me some information about the universities in London?
    How much is the payment per year?
    What should i do to come there?
    Thanke you

    • Study London says:

      Hi Lori, you can find information about the different universities in London here. The tuition fees vary for each course, you can use the course search to find courses that you like and to view the tuition fees. You may wish to take a look at our ‘Application Advice‘ section for lots of useful information on how to apply, visa requirements and living expenses.

  49. Paul says:


    Im currently holding Bsc degree in Applied Chemistry. my problem is that I was recently offered a admission at NUT and QUB this year both at UK to read Msc Chemical research of which I could not fulfill due to financial problem. My question is, can u please help me with guide lines to get a full scholarship on my next attempt?

    thank you.

    • Study London says:

      Hi Paul, many universities offer scholarships but they are not always full scholarships. There are also some external funding opportunities such as the Chevening Scholarship programme from the UK government which you can look at. We have some advice on how to find a scholarship here. Good luck!

  50. Samuel says:

    Pls, I have HND Accountancy. I want know which of the University that didn’t requesting for IELTS to do my degree in UK with HND certificate.

    • Study London says:

      Hi Samuel, all UK universities require you to meet a specific English language level. The majority of universities accept IELTS but they may also accept other English language certificates. I would suggest you use the course search to identify a number of universities and courses you are interested in and then contact these universities to find out more about their requirements.

  51. seddik says:

    Hello, i’m from algeria, and i study in university, my current grade is second year domain of computer sciences, then I want to continue my studies there. Please what are the necessary procedures to join your cheapest university I’m waiting for your reply Please i’m so interesting

    • Study London says:

      Hi Seddik, you can use the course search to identify universities that offer courses in your subject area. If you wish to transfer into the second year of a Bachelor degree, you will need to contact the university to find out if you would be accepted. If you are planning on finishing your Bachelor degree in Algeria first and then come to the UK for your Masters, you can simply apply directly to the university. You can find more information here.

  52. chijioke says:

    I have a master of law degree (by Dissertation)from university of Huddersfield. Which University would accept the LLM i have for PhD in law, besides Huddersfield? i Dont want to do PhD at Hud. I also have a bachelor degree in law and a bachelor degree in mass communication, if that would be of help any way.
    Thank you

    • Study London says:

      Hi, every university has different entry requirements. I suggest you identify a few universities that you would be interested in and contact them directly to find out if they will accept the LLM. Good luck!

  53. abdul bari says:

    Hi,this is abdul bari from Bangladesh.i have just finished my BSc in textile and i want admitted into the cheapest university for MBA.
    Let me Know the cheapest university of UK and help me for achieving my goals.

  54. Bohodir says:

    Hello. I want to ask you some questions. I’m from Uzbekistan. Nowadays I’m studying bachelors degree on the 2nd year, my field is metrology and standartization. so can I continue my study in London? If it’s possible? how?

    • Study London says:

      Hello, if you are thinking of transferring to London to complete your Bachelor degree, you need to find a university which offers a similar course. You can use the course search to find relevant courses in London. You should then contact the university directly with your most recent transcripts to find out whether they would accept your transfer request. Please note that most universities will only allow students to transfer into the second year of the Bachelor course. Alternatively, you can complete your Bachelor degree in Uzbekistan and then find a suitable masters degree in London to continue your studies here. Good luck!

  55. Jay says:

    Can you please tell me the cheapest college for hotel management ?

  56. Diané says:

    Comment faire pour écrire à une université, quel est le processus ?

  57. zaid says:

    respected department
    i am a student of o levels and wish to do management or English or kind kind of diploma which is of very low cost as i cant afford my education and wish to study abroad and want to work too.please mention the cheapest certificate or diploma course for Pakistani student.

    • Study London says:

      Hello Zaid, unfortunately you cannot search the course database based on the cost of the course. Therefore, you will need to search for the courses you are interested in and then check the tuition fees for each of these. I would recommend you then contact the universities you like to find out about their scholarship opportunities.

  58. Rukundo Benjamin says:

    still studying in ug planning to study there.

  59. jude says:

    hi, plz help me . i want to study civil engineering in the uk but i can only afford 6000 pounds for my fees is it possible

    • Study London says:

      Hi Jude, you should select a few universities you are interested in and contact them to find out more about their scholarship opportunities. Many universities offer part-scholarships which may help you to bridge the gap between your savings and the required amount. We have some information on searching for scholarships here.

  60. ashokraj says:

    hi i’m from Nepal and i want to get admission at queen marry university of london in LLB programme so tell me the process of admission details…….plz

    • Study London says:

      Hello Ashokraj, you can apply for undergraduate courses via http://www.ucas.com. UCAS is the centralised application system in the UK. You complete one online application on the UCAS website and choose 5 courses to apply to. You can apply to more than one course at the same university or you can send the application to 5 different universities. The application deadline for most universities, including Queen Mary University of London, is 15th January. Good luck with your application!

  61. Pauline Vigeshi says:

    Hi, I am from Africa, Kenya.I just cleared my highschool and I wanted to do a degree in journalism at the cheapest university in the UK and I wanted to get a scholarship as well, kindly help me

    • Study London says:

      Hi Pauline, the KCSE is not accepted for direct entry into Bachelor degrees in the UK. However, many universities offer one-year foundation courses which you can take before the Bachelor degree. Please note each university sets different fees for their courses so you will have to check the different university websites’ for fee information. You can find a list of London universities here. Universities do not normally offer scholarships for the foundation course.

  62. Shokhrukh says:

    Hi i have 6.0 IELTS and i want to study in london which university I can apply

    • Study London says:

      Hello, the English language requirements vary for different courses. However, if 6.0 does not meet the university’s requirements, you should be able to just take a short English langauge course before your academic course starts. I would suggest you use the course search to find courses you are interested in and then contact the university directly to ask about the IELTS requirements. Good luck!

  63. muba says:

    Hi i’m mubarak frm india.i finished my pg course of mba ( marketing and finance) .I want to study uk for low fees phd course .plz kindly help me

    • Study London says:

      Hi Mubarak, the costs for PhD degrees are different at different universities. They generally range from £8,000 – £12,000 per academic year. The normal length of a PhD degree is 3 years. You can find a list of all Business related PhD courses in London here. The tuition fees are stated on the course listing. For those where it is not stated, you can use the ‘contact’ button to send an enquiry about this directly to the university. Hope this helps!

  64. simeon says:

    i want to study medicine and surgery,how much is the fee,i hope it is affordable,please kindly help

    • Study London says:

      Hi Simeon, it is quite expensive for international students to study medicine in the UK. The fees are approximately £20,000 – £30,000 per year and the course length is 5 – 6 years. Universities do not offer full scholarships for medicine students so you would need to find other sources of funding. You can view a list of Medicine degrees offered in London here.

  65. Dua fatima says:

    i m goin to finiah my matriculation next year in march and please i want to continue my studies in england uk m studying science and i wish to continue my science studies there

  66. Dua fatima says:

    i can not afford studying abroad please can you tell me wether i can get full scholarships or not ?

    • Study London says:

      Hello, some universities offer full scholarships. These are normally offered at postgraduate level. You can read our advice on how to search for a scholarship here.

      • Dua fatima says:

        sir can i continue my college studies there in queens mary university of london or any other please can you tell me the name of any college there that offers full scholarship please i will work really hard to achieve my goal

  67. yamy says:

    Hii sir i m from india can u plzz tell me minimum tution fees for undergraduate course in any feild it should be minimum. Nd which it is??

    • Study London says:

      Hello, tuition fees can vary greatly across universities and courses but are approximately £10,000 – £15,000 per year. Use the course search to find courses you are interested in and the tuition fees are listed for most courses.

  68. Maqsood Ahmed says:

    I want to pay fees in installment, I can pay GBP 2000 in advance and remaining i will pay in installments, I want admission in level-6 top-up, Kindly suggest me.

    • Study London says:

      Hello, most universities accept tuition fee payments in instalments. However, in order to apply for the Tier 4 student visa you will need to show that you have the full year’s tuition fee and maintenance costs in your bank account. You can read more about this here. You can search courses offered in London here.

  69. naeem shah says:

    hellofriends, will you tell me? what is the ful and final amout if i would complete my mba including tution fee , living expense ,stationary , food each and every ecpense realted to mba and is universities are going to offer a part time job to international students. and normally on average how much they can earn?

    • Study London says:

      Hello, the tuition fees for MBAs can vary quite widely, between £10,000 – £50,000 for a one-year course. It really depends on the university you want to study at. You can find a list of MBA courses offered in London here. With regards to living costs, the UK government requires you to show that you have at least £1,020 per month for your living costs (rent, food, books etc.) if you study at an inner London university. For universities that are in outer London, you will require £820 per month. Please note that, if you require a Tier 4 visa, you will need to have this money in your bank account before you apply for the visa. Students on a Tier 4 visa are allowed to work part-time during term time and full time during the holidays.

  70. trabelsi wissem says:

    Hello ,I ‘m a tunisian student ,I would to complete the master research degree in london so could you help me to know the necessering documents to apply for visa and what are the most reputed and cheapest university there and i it ‘s possible to contact them via Email to choose teh course which I want to study ……tahnk you for help

    • Study London says:

      Hello, you can start by searching for courses to find out which universities offer the course you are interested in. The course listing will provide you with the tuition fees for the course. If you have questions about the course, you can click the ‘contact’ button to send a query to the university. This will go directly to the international admissions team. Alternatively, you can go to the university’s website for further information. For postgraduate courses, you normally apply via the university’s online application form on the university’s website. Please also read the Tier 4 visa requirements information.

  71. George says:

    hello,please have completed polytechnic in ghana as am HND Graduate in Procurement management in Ghana,And want
    to continue in uk university butthe problem is want to divert to health assistants is it posible to so so,please help me

    • Study London says:

      Hi George, many UK universities offer ‘top-up’ courses to enable HND students to upgrade their qualification to a Bachelors degree. However, this normally has to be in a similar subject area to your HND. If you are thinking of completely changing your subject area, you will probably have to complete a full degree course. You can use to course search to find courses on offer in London. If you find something suitable for you, you can contact the university to discuss the entry requirements in more detail.

  72. Abassi Ousmanou says:

    Am Usman please am willing to study London am An Advance level Holder from Cameroon.But problems financial Pleaces can i have some Averange Universities in London Where i can improve my Studies skill?

    • Study London says:

      Hi Usman, you can use the course search to find out which universities offer courses you are interested in. When you click on a course, the tuition fees will be displayed for the course. If they are not displayed, you can click on ‘contact’ to send an enquiry to the university for more information.

  73. Emmy F says:

    Hi, I’m Emmy F am frm Nigeria and i really want to study computer science in uk but the price there is a problem for me. I jst need ur help

    • Study London says:

      Hi Emmy, the tuition fees can vary greatly between different universities and many also offer at least part scholarships to help you with the costs. You can use the course search to find universities which offer computer science. You can then contact the universities directly for scholarship information.

      • rana says:


        • Study London says:

          Hi Rana, you can view the postgraduate medicine degrees offered at London universities here. If you are from outside the EU, you will need to apply for a Tier 4 student visa. This visa will allow you to work up to 20 hours per work.
          Please note that if you want to specialise in a particular field of clinical medicine (i.e. training in a hospital), this training is not provided through universities. You can find more information on Speciality Training here.

  74. English Courses in London says:

    Thanks for sharing such a wonderful post with us..

  75. tevin says:

    hi its shafa I was wondering if I can apply with my grade 12 results from Namibia coz I have british citizenship

    • Study London says:

      Hi Shafa, students who have completed the Namibian Senior Secondary Certificate are required to complete a one-year foundation course before applying for a Bachelor degree. I would recommend you choose which Bachelor course you want to study and then contact the university to find out about their foundation course options.

      • ehtasham says:

        i want to do MBAbut i done my graduation in arts. am i able to get admission in MBA in ONE OF THE UNIVERSITIES OF LONDON. if yes then HOW?

        • Study London says:

          Hello, you can find a list of MBA courses on offer in London here. Some universities only require that you have completed a Bachelor degree but they do not state a specific subject area. The entry requirements are stated on the course listing. If you require further information, please contact the university directly by clicking the ‘contact’ button on the course listing. Your message will be sent to the admissions team of the university.

  76. jack says:

    my name is jack and i from Malaysia
    i am searching for university are well known for their computer science studies and well know for field hockey
    i need a university with a reasonable price…i prefer outside of city campus …maximum 14000 for full 3 years course ….can you help me sr/madam

  77. muhammad arsalan says:

    hello sir i want to transger my bba degree in england. currently i m in 5th semester in pakistan with 2.7 cgpa. and how much i have to pay? and what about my next mba degree? please email me answer

    • Study London says:

      Hello, most UK universities accept transfer students at undergraduate level. You need to contact the universities directly to send copies of your transcript. Please use the course search to find courses that match your current studies and then contact these universities to start the process of transferring. You can also use the search to see which MBA courses are available in London and what the costs are for these.

  78. oluwaseyi says:

    Hi, please kindly tell me sections available in a year in uk universities.

  79. Elaine says:


    Isit possible to get double degree in London’s University?

  80. otabek says:

    hi.i am from uzbekistan and i am studying final course at the world language university and i know uzbek,english,turkish and russian i want to study in a lower price for master degree in the uk.
    which university do you suggest me?

    • Study London says:

      Hello, we can only provide information on universities in London. You can find all courses offered in London on the course database, including the relevant tuition fees. If the fees are not listed for a course you are interested in, please contact the university for further information.

  81. abdullah says:

    I want to study bachelor in computer science so which university is suitable for me whre fees is very less regarding tution,finance,Living etc
    i am from Pakistan

    • Study London says:

      Hello, please use the course database to see which bachelor degrees in computer science are available in London. The course details normally include information on tuition fees. Should the tuition fees not be listed, please contact the university directly for more information.

  82. Ako Sam says:

    Please i am looking for a university where i can study Anthropology for an undergraduate program in the UK. Fees should be moderate. I am in Cameroon

  83. okoye amanda says:

    please how much will it cost my to study medicine and surgery in a sound university, and can i combine my wace and neco result?. thanks

    • Study London says:

      Hello, you can read information about the 5 medical schools in London. The cost for international students is very high, normally between £20,000 – £30,000 per year. WAEC and NECO are not accepted for entry into medicine. You will have to complete a one year foundation course or a qualification such as A-levels or equivalent. You can contact the universities you are interested in directly for more information.

  84. Dadakhon says:

    could you tell me can i win some kind of grant with 7IELTS score in there thanks

  85. Christine says:

    Hi! What school is best and cheap for Nursing or any medical course in London specifically near Chattam Kent? Thanks! It would help a lot.

    • Study London says:

      Hi Christine, Chatham in Kent is located outside London. You can use the London course search to find nursing courses or medicine courses offered at London universities. The course listing also states the tuition fees. If you want to also look at universities outside of London, please visit the UCAS website where you can search for courses across the UK.

  86. sam says:

    I want to study my mba in finance from UK so I have got no idea what to do how to get admission. .right now I am pursuing hotel management from kolkata. ..so after completing hm I will do mba so I want your help

  87. sohag says:

    sir i am a student from Bangladesh.i belongs to a poor family but i want to complete my gradution in london how do this in cheep rate and what i do please tell me…can i paid my tution fee and living expense by work there?is it possible

    • Study London says:

      Hello, international students are able to work part-time while studying in London. However, in order to get your Tier 4 student visa, you will need to show that you have enough money to pay for your tuition fees and living costs for the first year. Read about the Tier 4 Visa requirements for more information on this.

  88. Deepak deb says:

    I m Deepak from India, i just want to know that which type of exam would i hav to take for the admision in uk universities in undergraduate course of medical.

  89. Sudha Krishna.V says:

    im from India…i would like to study btech aerospace engineering in uk.i want to know that is laon facility applicable for this course.

    • Study London says:

      Hello, unfortunately the loans provided by the UK government are not available to international students. You will need to apply for scholarships are your chosen universities

  90. Vignesh R says:

    This is vignesh from India,I’m pursuing my mba degree i would like to be a part of your university in future can you suggest me for my higher studies which gives good scope for my career

  91. Sushil says:

    I want to do research in Management in the UK. I am MBA already and do M Phil first. Will it be possible for me to get teaching assistance ship during M Phil.

    • Study London says:

      Hello, most universities have teaching assistance posts for PhD students. You can use the course search to see which universities in London offer the course you are interested in. You can then contact these universities to find out more about their teaching opportunities for PhD students.

  92. neha dey says:

    iwant do an hons degree in eng lit in 2016,so when should i start applying and make the other preparations?

  93. Abigail says:

    Hello I live in Cameroon and I will like to come study Journalism in East London particularly. can you give me ideas on some cheap universities there in East London? thanks

  94. namal mendis says:

    Please I am desperately looking for an entry level 8 phd. business finance area need a CAS to get visa

  95. Mohamad Saleh says:

    Hello I want to apply for phd am lebanese please I need an advice please for cheap universities. ..

  96. Emmanuel says:

    Pls am from Ghana, can I apply to medical schools in London,after first year of undergraduate studies here in my country?

    • Study London says:

      Hi Emmanuel, if your one year of study is in Medicine or Biology & Chemistry then you may be accepted for a medicine course in the UK. If your degree is in any other subject, you need to take a 1-year foundation course in Medicine/Biology & Chemistry in the UK before applying for the medicine course (unless you have completed A-levels or equivalent). Read our Medicine Application Guide to help you prepare your application.

  97. Duru Chinaza Jr. says:

    Hello!! Please I Want To Study Architecture In London. But I Don’t Know Any Cheap University. Can You Help Me Out?

    • Study London says:

      Hello, you can use the course search to find architecture courses in London. Most of the course listings have the tuition fees stated. If they are not stated, please contact the university directly for more information.

  98. chamika wijesekara says:

    i want to start a msc.bt i havnt still got my degree certificate.i got my 3rd year results.but i have not completed my 1st year.im from srilanka.i want to join to a london university.do they allow me to do the msc.

    • Study London says:

      Hello, you will only be able to start a masters degree if you can show your degree certificate for your Bachelor degree. You will also need to show this for your visa application.

  99. Fateha Begum Holy says:

    I am Holy from Bangladesh . I know that admitted the university of greenwich in uk required ielts band score minimum 5.5.
    But if there any possibility ,to admit this university at score 4 .
    please inform me.

    • Study London says:

      Hello Fateha, universities are very strict about their entry requirements. I would recommend you contact the university directly to see if they can recommend an English language course for you which you can take before you start studying at the university.

  100. Phelps says:

    I am Phelps from Asia. I am interested in MA Human Resources in Outer London. I am interested in July, August intake.

  101. Ruki says:

    After completing a Phd do students get work permit ??

  102. priyansha says:

    Hi,I am from India and currently in 12th.I want todo my graduation in political science or in literature from UK and later study law.I want to study from a good but not too expensive college at the same time since i would be studying law later on which would require a higher fee payment later on.Can you help me out regarding information based on the sort of university/college i am looking for.

    • Study London says:

      Hi Priyansha, you can use the course search to find courses you are interested in and to see the tuition fees. Also, please note that if you wish to study Law in the UK, you do not need to take another degree first. In the UK, you can study law straight after finishing school.

  103. reyan says:

    Hello,I’m reyan from India .. I’m currently beginning bba corse and planned to study mba in london … Please suggest a reasonable university. .. and I’m also interested to get a job there itself. . so pls suggest any university with placements option…..

  104. Raamteen says:

    i’m from iran and i’m 47 year old man.very keen to learning english fluently in uk.is it possible to me ? from age limit aspect ! . please help me

    • Study London says:

      Hello Raamteen, of course you can study English! There is no age limit to English language courses. Some English language schools also offer specific courses for adult learners. Please take a look at the Study English in London website for a list of English language schools and course information.

  105. Shreya Singh says:

    Are there any colleges in London that offer 100% scholarships for international students for ug degrees? If not, what is the maximum range of scholarships & which universities offer it?

    • Study London says:

      Hey Shreya, this is a difficult question to answer because there is currently no central database for this. However, we collected some information on the best scholarships for UG courses this year here. These are only some of the scholarships on offer though. Also, universities often add new scholarships throughout the year so it is worth checking with the university you are interested in directly.

  106. M.a.rehman says:

    Hi… I’m from India. I just completed my 12th.I want to study bba in uk. While studying in uk can i get any part tym job.so I should not depend on my parents money and suggest me any courses which I can complete my MBA in 3 to 4 yrs along with bba.

  107. Apna LaLa says:

    I want to study a real cheap course less than 1000£ or at least 1200£ is there any college that offers this type of course fees for international students

  108. Rahul says:

    I am an introvert type. I am not included in any extracurricular’s. My academics score is average level. But i want to appear for gre and do masters in uk. I want to explore my knowledge. Will i manage to study tnere? Is studies there will b tough as compared to indian studies?please help these question creating so much pressure in my mind plz help

  109. Najma Bhamra says:

    haii , i’m from Tanzania , i want to study in london but honestly don,t know much about it, looking for an affodable college or uni which provide a hostel so its easier for me to settle there , an affordable place though cause life in the uk is abit expensive , please help thanks 🙂

    • Study London says:

      Hello, I would recommend you start by using the course search to find courses that are of interest to you. Most of the courses have the tuition fees listed. The majority of universities offer accommodation for their students, but this is an extra cost. You can find information about the different accommodation options here, including information on costs.

  110. lucent says:

    i am from bangladesh. have there any university that will accept 5.5 ielts for LLM in east london?

  111. Michaella oguntunmise says:

    Hi am michaella from sierra leone.I already have a degree in Business administration,want to go for an MBA in ur university,how can i do that especially for visa

  112. Elias penn says:

    I’m 34 years old, working with the ministry of justice as a court registrar with the O/ levels. Wish to do a foundation course that can lead me to a degree in finance / law. Can I be eligible and for which university in london. Thanks.

    • Study London says:

      Hello Elias, universities do not have any age restrictions for their courses. However, if you have been out of the education system for some years then the universities may want to see that you have engaged in some academic study since then (e.g. online courses, evening study etc.). This will differ for each university though.

      Unfortunately, we do not currently list foundation courses on our website but most universities offer them. I would recommend you use the course search to see which university you want to study at for your bachelors degree. You can then visit the university website, or contact the university directly,

  113. waqas says:

    hi im waqas from pakistan. i did mba in marketing now i want to take admission in msc marketing in london.is there any chance for me to get a student visa . like ive already done mba in marketing after mba if i go for marketing will it be good for me?

    • Study London says:

      Hello Waqas, did you do your MBA in the UK? If so, it is unlikely that you would get a visa to study for an MSc as you have to show academic progression from your MBA. However, if you took your MBA outside of the UK then you will have no problems applying for a visa.

  114. Saima says:


    I want apply for ITT in early years. I have got masters degree in sciences from pakistan. They require maths in GCSE.I got A in maths in matriculation. Is it acceptable for the course?

    • Study London says:

      Hello Saima, the GCSE requirements refer to a UK qualification gained after year 10 at school. This ensures that students have a decent level of understanding for maths. If you took maths until the end at school or at university, you will meet this requirement. You can also contact the admissions team of the university you want to apply to to ask for clarification.

  115. bekh says:

    I want to study in uk but i dont know what should i do? I have got 6 5 score from an exam ielts

  116. Ela says:

    Hi !
    I’m ela from albania …i finished my school but i’m think about future …i want to study in london for many reason but the problem is that i want something that is not so expensive …please can u help me


  117. kia says:

    Please which university in the UK can I get the cheapest masters in public health. Please I need a reply to enroll

    • Study London says:

      Hello, please use the course search to find public health courses in London. Click on a course to see the tuition fees. If the information is not stated, please contact the university directly for more information.

  118. YAMO SANDRINE says:


  119. lucius says:

    Umm…. which university do you suggest me to go at 15000 euros? I am studying medicine, btw. Hope you can help 🙂

    • lucius says:

      To add on… I am from Malaysia and need to pay overseas pricing

    • Study London says:

      Hello, the tuition fees for international students looking to study medicine are in the region of £30,000 per year. If you are from an EU country, then the tuition fees are £9,000 per year. You can find a list of medical schools in London here.

      • lucius says:

        Wow… US is much cheaper then in this case… so which university do you suggest me to go at 20k pound budget per year? It does not include accomodation, btw. The cheaper the better, but the best bang at the buck(university) at the budget, will be the best:)

        • Study London says:

          Hi Lucius, for the majority of subjects studying in the UK works out cheaper than in the US but of course there are exceptions. The tuition fees vary for each university so you will need to do some research depending on the subject you want to study. You can use the course search to find courses offered in London. For most courses, the tuition fees are listed. If they are not listed, please contact the university or visit the university’s website.

  120. lucius says:

    HI, I am lucius, and I am from Malaysia, but studying Cambridge syllabus. I am planning to study in Europe, to be precise, Russia, but dont wanna persist to study Russian. So my first choice is London. So, I am pursuing to Medicine course, as a doctor. My budget is 12000 pounds and it does not include pocket money or any accomodation. I am hoping to have labaratory based course. to be honest, I need to earn my pocket money and I have a bit of some skills like:
    1. Piano Teacher
    2. Primary School Maths Teacher
    3. Coach for football for kindergartens or U-9
    4. Swimming Coach for kindergartens
    So which job do you think I can find the best income? Plz state like $??/hour, something like that… Cheers!!

    • Study London says:

      Hello again Lucius, many international students in London work part-time. The wages can be very different but if you get a job at your university, you will earn around £9.15 an hour. However, in order to apply for your Tier 4 visa, you will need to show that you have enough money in your bank account for your first year tuition fees and living costs. Please find out more by reading the Tier 4 visa requirements.

  121. Nitin says:

    sir I passed my bsc degree from india with 65% and passed the ielts test can I take admission in any collage of London

    • Study London says:

      Hello Nitin, every university has different entry requirements so you will need to do some research before you apply. The entry requirements can also be different for different courses. I would recommend you use the course search to see which universities offer the course you are interested in. You can then check the university’s website or contact the university directly for more information on entry requirements for students from India.

  122. Zeeniya says:

    I am from Pakistan and i need to know about London’s low cost university, i cant pay high fee. i would like to know about Bachelors of Business Administration degree. Waiting for your reply. thank you.

  123. Sue says:

    Hello, i need to know colleges that can do an instalment plan because i can;t afford any in full, and also am not w resident i don’t know how to get accepted or what do i have to do to get to study abroad? please reply

    • Study London says:

      Hi Sue, some universities allow students to pay on a monthly basis but others may only allow two instalments. You will need to contact the universities directly for this information. The application procedure is different depending on your level of study. You can read our application advice for further information.

  124. Doreen says:

    please can i apply for a university in london without writing a toefl exam.thank you.

  125. suleman memon says:

    hello sir
    my name is memon suleman .I have completed my bsc in computer science and i want to study msc cs in london .So you can help to make it possible .Please regard me details in which college should i study to …. so please help me out

  126. Karishma says:

    Hi sir.
    I’m doing my bachelor’s degree in commerce and I plan to work in London in a corporate law department. Do you think I should study law in my country, India or After my bachelors I should just start with law in London?

    • Study London says:

      Hi Karishma, if you are certain you want to work in London then taking your law degree in London makes sense. This will give you an opportunity to adjust to life in London and also to complete internships during your studies. Please note that law is taught as an undergraduate degree in the UK which means you would need to complete the LLB (Bachelor degree). Alternatively, some students who have studied a non-law degree take a law conversion course (e.g. the Graduate Diploma in Law at City University London). However, you would need to check with them if your bachelor degree would be acceptable.

  127. nisha says:

    I am 31 yr old and i was completed my msc in chemistry in 2006. Now i want to do mba in london. I also have 2yr experience in marketing field.

  128. raja faisal says:

    i done my LLB and having practice since last three years i want to get admission in univerty for LLM please give me guide

  129. Karishma says:

    Hi thanks for your reply.
    I had another question.
    I’m doing my company secretary (CS) course here in India and it has a MoU with London so I’m planning to give the London exams as well. Do you think the CS course has demand in London?

    • Karishma says:

      And is it possible to do LLM from London if I’ve done my LLB in India?

      • Study London says:

        Hi Karishma, I’m sorry I am not familiar with the company secretary course and how this would relate to studies in London. With regards to the LLM, yes you would be eligible to apply for this with your LLB from India. The entry requirements will vary for each university, but are likely to be in the region of 60% – 70%, depending on the university you went to. Contact your preferred universities for more specific information.

  130. abdul haseeb says:

    im like to study in england in bba on low cost im in peshawar

  131. Abhishek Emmadi says:

    hello sir,
    i m from india and i m pursuing full time course on b.tech hnd level 5 in aeronautical engineering,
    i want to study in UK and i want the list of colleges that offers me a lateral entry to continue my studies

    • Study London says:

      Hi there, applications from HND students are usually assessed on an individual basis. Admissions officers will check the institution you studied at, the course content and your grades and then make a decision. You should contact some of the universities you would be interested in to find out about their policy regarding students with HND qualifications and what level they can enter at.

  132. Dzodzodzi Edem Kofi says:

    Please I am a Ghanaian. I want to know if its possible to to awarded a full scholarship to study in the UK?

  133. Dear Sir,
    I’m Ayouba from Guinea, I have bachelor degree in Teaching at English language department , my need is do master studies in UK but I have no ELTFS. what solution I must follow for my need?

  134. Mudassar Hans says:

    Hi, I would like to know about warehousing course in London, could you please share the name of cheapest collage in london for part time or full time course. I am from Pakistan, Regards Mudassar Hans

  135. Ntina K. says:

    Hello dear Study London,

    What about Attention Deficit Disorder people such as myself who face memory problems and usually finish lyceium with basic degree rather than the degree required by most universities? is there any chance for someone to be enrolled in a undergraduate study such as i.e. psychology without doing the preparation year? which is very expensive.Is there any particular policy/forecast for such cases? thanks.

    • Study London says:

      Hello, please contact the universities you are interested in directly to find out about their policies and if there are any special considerations for admission.

  136. Anthony says:

    Please I’m actually from Nigeria and I want to ask which university in Uk is cheap. At least 1 to 2 million naira

  137. rex says:

    Hello sir
    I wana to do my bba in london next year.currently i m persuing my 12th.so i wana to ask how i will get discount in my fee.hw should i wil get scholarship.and what is the living cost n food per year.

  138. Chadani rai says:

    Hello i am from nepal . And i want to know how much cost needed to go uk for student visa firstly ? I want to study bachelors there and can we have part time job over there ?

  139. Nitha thaslin km says:

    hi sir, am nitha I would like to study architecture and interior design at London but have not much money to spend and I want to help ma husband and ma family by getting a good job through good education what am do please help me

  140. tabz says:

    I am studying in 5 year MBBS in russia .I want to do my masters in surgry from london .please can u suggest me some low budget or financally helping or scholarships giving universities .

  141. shubham sharma says:

    Hello I m shubham..just pass 12 this year ..and want to admitted to London in bba can you tell me fee structure of bba and other things like visa???

  142. Yamini says:

    I’m from India, doing my bachelor’s degree in History.I wanna do my Master degree in Ancient History,so can you please tell where I can live in london,cause I don’t have any relatives over there.Can you also tell me about the university having this course.
    Thanking you in advance.

    • Study London says:

      Hello Yamini, you can use the course search to see which London universities offer the course you are interested in. With regards to accommodation, most universities offer their students accommodation in halls of residence. Alternatively, you can book private student accommodation, for example through Student.com.

  143. Bekzod says:

    Hi, I am from Uzbekistan. So if I tell you. I want to study in bachelor degree of brunel university in London. I am 2 course in a college. If I go to eng. I have to get a visa, Don’t I have? But I want to study in London. If possible, would you mind helping about studying in England. Thanks befor helping.

  144. bwalya mulenga says:

    hello, can I be assisted here, meaning that in the UK the are no schools less than £2000 or $3600, I would also like to study electric engineering or medicine. in my country our currency has lost value so it’s difficult to study abroad

  145. Priya says:

    Sir I am a indian student and want to study london with my relatives but i want to know which course will be good forvme if i am getting 70% in my school’s last year.

    • Study London says:

      Hello, every university has different entry requirements for different courses. You need to see which universities offer the course you are interested in and then check the university’s website for entry requirements for students from India.You can use the course search to see which universities offer your preferred course

  146. Zek says:

    Hello dear Madam and Sir!
    need help regarding my university . i would like to transfer my University credit to other University . i did my 10 semester one of the University from Asia and left my 2 semester i would like to transfer in london . now im in london, can any one help me regarding my University

    • Study London says:

      Hello, you will need to contact your preferred universities directly and provide them with a transcript of your studies so far. The universities will need to assess your previous studies and let you know if you can transfer the credits.

  147. dana says:

    Hello there, ive just checked your website for more info on “working in uk during your studies” and theyve mentioned that you’re allowed to work if you are enrolled in a full-time undergrad or postgrad course. but i am applying for a part-time postgrad course and i am wondering if i am allowed to work whilst studying part time course at the same time. thank you so much

    • Study London says:

      Hi Dana, the information you read about working in the UK during your studies is for international students. International students who require a Tier 4 visa cannot study part-time in the UK. Therefore, if you are going to study part-time I assume you are on a different visa? You should check the working rules for the visa you are on.

      If you do not require a visa to live and study in the UK (e.g. you are an EU national) then there are no work restrictions.

      • Dana says:

        On i did not know that! I am from the Middle East and i want to persue a Masters degree in England (comparative literature) so i am an international student but i want to apply as a part-time student. I cant work while i study then?? 🙁

        • Study London says:

          Hi Dana, as an international student you would need to apply for the Tier 4 student visa. However, you will only be issued this visa if you take a full-time degree (there are no student visa options for part-time courses). Therefore, you would need to apply for a full-time masters degree. You would then be able to work part-time (up to 20 hours per week) during term time and full-time during the holidays and after your studies until your visa expires. Hope this makes things clear for you 🙂

  148. Trusillah says:

    hi,am Trusillah from kenya.i would like to study medicine in U.K, scotland but am having trouble in applying a position in the university and getting a scholarship.I attained a mean grade of B in my KCSE.I tried registering with the UCAS but they say they can not verify my credentials.Please help me.

    • Study London says:

      Hello Trusillah, unfortunately it is not possible for you to apply directly for a medicine degree with the KCSE. You will either need to complete a foundation programme or A-levels (or equivalent) first. However, some universities also do not accept foundation courses for entry into their medicine degrees. You should therefore contact your preferred universities first to find out exactly what qualifications you need in order to apply.

      Also, UK universities do not offer scholarships specifically for medicine students. You may be eligible for some scholarships offered by the university but it is unlikely that they will cover your fees or living expenses.

  149. Ayush anand says:

    Hello,sir i am from india now i am in class 9th, and i want to study abroad for comlete class 11th and 12th in uk in low cost plz suggest me my courses

  150. Fidel Saad says:

    Hello there,
    I am a Lebanese Citizen but would really like to continue my BA in Interior Design in England.
    Is there any way that I can study and work to pay my tuition fees since I don’t have the sufficient amount to cover the University fees and accommodation.

    Thank you in advance

    • Study London says:

      Hello, as an international student in London you will be able to work part-time during your studies and full-time during your holidays. However, in order to apply for the Tier 4 student visa, you need to be able to show that you have sufficient amounts of money for the first year of your studies.

      UK Visa and Immigration (UKVI) requires you to have a budget of at least £1,265 per month to live in London. In order to apply for a Tier 4 visa, you will need to show that you have £1,265 for each month of your course, up to a maximum of nine months. This means that if you will be studying in London for a course lasting nine months or more, the maximum amount that you will need to show in your account is £11,385.

      In addition to this, you will also need to show that you have enough money to cover the first year of your tuition fees.

  151. Jonas says:

    Dear Sir/Madam,

    I am very interested in applying to join a BSc top-up degree programme (preferably related to science and engineering) via distance learning mode. However, I found that the fee for such courses is still quite expensive for someone from a developing country like me even though the course is fully conducted on line. Hence, I would appreciate if you could recommend a BSc top-up degree that is affordable for foreign students. Thank you very much for your kind attention.

  152. Joseph Mwema says:

    I have finished my Master of Science in Computer Systems last year 2015 and I am interested in pursuing PhD Information Technology or PhD Computer Science. I would like to inquire whether there are any universities in UK which offer PhDs in Computer Science / PhD Information Technology that can be partially done in UK and partly in Kenya. I would like to work in Kenya so that I can raise fees to finance my studies.

    • Study London says:

      Hello Joseph, I am afraid I don’t know any programmes in particular but many universities offer distance learning courses which allow you to complete most of your research in your home country. These usually include a few weeks a year where you come to London/UK to meet your supervisor etc. Therefore, you should look for distance learning programmes and then see what the details of the programme are.

  153. Lumbuye Deogratious Alex says:

    Hello sir i would like to find out the cheapest university that i would like to apply for the mechanical engineering course especially in motor vehicle, thank u so much

  154. hello,I’m from Algeria and I’m in my first year English language study , and when I get my licence diploma I want to complete and persue my English literature studies in

  155. hello,I’m from Algeria and I’m in my first year English language study , and when I get my licence diploma I want to complete and persue my English literature studies in
    England , so please could you give some informations and approaches . Thanks

  156. merline vicente says:

    I’m from Philippines and I’m turning Senior high this 2016 school year how can I get a scholarship ?

    • Study London says:

      Hello, students who have completed high school in the Philippines will usually need to take a one year foundation programme before starting a bachelors degree. Most UK universities offer their own foundation programmes or can recommend a private provider. You can search the scholarships database to find scholarships available at universities in London. However please note that most universities do not offer scholarships for foundation year students.

  157. adisa olanrewaju says:

    Good day sir my name is ibrahim from Nigeria….i want to apply for student visa abroad and school there but all the university was cost..so i want to know if it is possible to see a cheap university or cheap college there and again…is it possible for me to pay my school fees installmentally and show them my dad statement of account that i will be able to pay my school fees…will be looking foward to hear from you soon…best regards

    • Study London says:

      Hello, thank you for your message. There are no free universities in the UK but you can search the scholarships database to find scholarships available at universities in London.

      Most universities allow students to pay tuition fees in two instalments (usually in September and January). However, please note that in order to apply for your Tier 4 visa, you will need to show that you have sufficient amounts of money your (or your parents’) bank account to cover your tuition fees and living costs for the first year. You can use your parents’ bank account for this. Please read the Tier 4 visa requirements for more information.

  158. ibeji victoria says:

    I want a good univeristy where i can study medicine and the tution fee is less or none. pls reply via email

  159. Akarsh kumar says:

    hello,I am from India in class 12 and I want to do llb from a good college in UK but I want to ask that is it more tough for an Indian/international students to get a lpc/bptc after completing llb in UK

    • Study London says:

      Hello, I am not aware that it is more difficult for international students to get a place on a lpc or bptc course. You could ask the universities you are interested in for your LLB to see if they have any statistics on the number of their international students progressing to these courses.

  160. Akarsh says:

    hi,I am from India in 12 class and I want to do my llb from UK but I want to know that (1) will I get to lpc/bptc as I have heard it is very hard to secure it(especially for international students) and many are now deprived of it
    (2)if I completed my lpc/bptc ,will I be permitted to work and settle in UK

  161. Ali Helmy says:

    My name is Ali and i am from Egypt, I graduated from local university and i have a BSc degree in electrical engineering, i would like to study in UK for a masters degree in renewable energy or photovoltaic systems, do i need specific qualifications to be able to apply for these courses and how can i get scholarship for the course, also how can i obtain an compliance statement for my BSc degree in UK

    • Study London says:

      Hello Ali, the admissions teams at UK universities are very good at evaluating international degree certificates. You can just apply with your degree certificate and transcript from your university. If these were not provided in English, you will need to get a certified translation of them. Please read the postgraduate application advice for information on how to apply.

      You can also search the scholarships database to find scholarships available at universities in London.

  162. Shiv says:

    Hello sir/mam I’m from India looking for a cheapest college which will help me in pg journalism

  163. Farhan says:

    Hello i would like to know which universities in uk are most affordable and comfortable for international students. I want to do medicine

  164. Daniel Fosu Ocran says:

    pls i studied estate management at the polytechnic in Ghana, but i want to apply for a bussiness programme. can u help me?

  165. Rohit Singh says:

    Hello,myself rohit im from nepal.i want to apply for mba in scholarship.my financial condition is very weak.ive completed my bachelors from banglore university.my academics is good.i want to do mba for my future career n im a hardworking student .plz help me

  166. Dana says:

    Hi there. Thank you for always replying to our questions. I would like to know when is the deadline for applyingg for masters course in UK universities. Some websites are not clear about the deadline. I am worried that i am past the deadline. I want to apply to Goldsmiths, Anglia Rusking, and Royal Hallaway unis.. Masters course English Literature.

  167. Karishma says:

    Hi. Can you please explain me the new visa requirements as I’m planning to do llm in london. Also the salary package that is being said is it for a year or a month £20,800?
    Do I get an extension on my Student visa before applying for my job or I have to manage within the same period of student visa?

    • Study London says:

      Hello Karishma, in order to study for your LLM in London, you will need to apply for a Tier 4 student visa. The visa will be valid for the length of your course, plus an additional four months. You will be able to apply for work and work full time during those additional four months.

      • Karishma says:

        Okay but with the new visa requirements is it possible for foreign law students to get into good firms with the min salary package of £20800 and £35000?

        • Study London says:

          Hi again, when you apply for your first Tier 2 work visa, the job you are offered must pay £20,800 or more. The £35,000 requirement is only relevant once you are applying for indefinite leave to remain. You can read more about this on the UK Home Office website. Starting salaries for Law graduates can vary greatly, from around £22,000 to over £40,000, depending on the sector, company and type of role.

          • Karishma says:

            Hey there.
            What if I don’t want indefinite leave and also I don’t want to leave UK for an year to renew my visa. Is there any other option than the cooling off period to stay there?

          • Study London says:

            Hi again, you’ll need to review the visa options on the UK Home Office website to see if you qualify for any other type of visa.

  168. SMRITA says:

    I have the British citizenship,currently I’m residing in Hong Kong. I’m a B.Sc Nurse and now I want to do my master in clinical research in uk.i have never been to uk. Do I need to pay international student fee or UK/EU fee??

    • Study London says:

      Hi Smrita, tuition fees are usually based on residency rather than nationality. You would usually only qualify for UK/EU fees if you have lived in the UK/EU for three years prior to starting your course. However, it is worth contacting some of the universities you are interested in to see what their specific rules are.

  169. sreehari says:

    hi,can u say what will be the total cost to be spend for doing ms in uk

  170. manisha says:

    hello sir..
    i am currently residing in spain but i have a nepalese passport. i would like to apply for student visa for london. how can i start the process?
    i have already completed one year of my architectural course here in spain, do i have any chance that my studies here will get validated in london ? is there any chance of getting a scholarship ?

    • Study London says:

      Hello Manisha, many UK universities accept transfer students. You will need to identify the universities you are interested in and then contact the admissions departments directly. You should send them translated copies of your transcripts so they can see what modules you have studied so far and your achieved grades. The universities will then let you know if can transfer into Year 2 or if you need to apply to start in Year 1. Good luck!

  171. Anydus says:

    Hello, Im planning to study in London for my master degree. I graduated local small university in Mongolia.(not recognized in UK). and English IELDS is 7.5. Do I have a chance to study in good university in London? I m worrying that my diploma will not meet the requirement.

    • Study London says:

      Hello, UK universities refer to the qualification guidelines provided by UK NARIC, the UK’s National Agency responsible for providing information on academic, vocational and professional qualifications from across the world. For a fee, you can request a ‘Statement of Comparability’ which tells you exactly how your qualification compares to a UK qualification. This will give you a better idea of whether you would be accepted at a UK university. Hope this helps!

  172. blesson says:

    Does 5 yr cap really applicable for students the person who left uk without master progression almost spent 4 yr (level 6 completed from college) and without student mistakes however 2015 home office has been issued bio metric card through college but last minute this college also revoked then i decided to left uk and apply fresh allication So,my Q is i can apply to university fresh application now..(4 yr period is 2011 may-2015 aug).

    • Study London says:

      Hello, the 5 year time limit includes any time you have spent in the UK on a Tier 4 visa. It does not matter whether you completed your studies or not, all time spent in the UK on your previous Tier 4 visas will be taken into account. Hope this answers your question.

  173. junaid says:

    Hello sir,I am junaid and I want to study in London university.I am related for Pakistan. And I complete my bc.s and I want mc.s study in London university. You explain the how many cast to by this visa.

  174. Murtala H says:

    Hello, Iam from Nigeria. Graduated HND in HRM due to the dichotomy between BSC and HND in my country Nigeria. Any University in London that convert HND to BSC.

  175. abdirizak ali nor says:

    Now i am in somalia i lope to prapere master degree in UK but unfortunty me and my family can’n able to pay titution fee what are the support me at univeraity snice somalia exsist conflact alot of time.

  176. Parry says:

    Hi,I have HND CIVIL ENG. from one of the polytechnics in Ghana can I apply directly for Masters or do I have to apply for my first degree

    • Study London says:

      Hi Parry, you will need to apply for a bachelor top-up degree. This is usually a one-year course which tops up your HND to bachelor level and you can then apply for a masters degree with your bachelor qualification. Hope this helps!


    london is my dream and i just say thank you for your cooperation

  178. junaid says:

    Hello sir I am junaid and I want to study in London university. I complete the bs.c . So how many cast to pay the course for mc.s in London university. So guide me thanks.

  179. Ahmad Al Kurdi says:

    Hello,my name is Ahmad Al Kurdi,a palestinian nationalty, in the tenth grade.parameters in school they told me to go to the institute for the study diesel mechanics. But there is not a degrees appropriate for my talent. For this I ask you to help me through a test or exam in the field of diesel mechanics until I learn what I deserve. Thank you for reading.
    I hope that give me a grante in diesel mechanics.

  180. ahmad hasan says:

    i am a disable/special student of b.com(hons). now i want to study in London M.phil commerce . is there any scholarship for me or any concession for disable people.?
    please guide me

  181. benjamin says:

    i wrote zimbabwean examz can i use these results to apply? are they valid?

    • Study London says:

      Hello Benjamin, universities usually accept applicants holding ZIMSEC A-Levels into the first year of an undergraduate courses. Applicants holding ZIMSEC O-Levels must attend a foundation course before pursuing an undergraduate course. The entry requirements vary for each university but you can usually find the specific entry requirements for students from Zimbabwe on the universities’ own websites. Good luck!

  182. Ahmad Al kurdi says:

    Hello, my name is Ahmed Kurdi, in the tenth grade, my nationality is a Palestinian. Parameters they told me to go to the institute even take advantage of my talent. But I did not go to the largest institute in Beirut, because I did not find education that I deserved. That’s why I ask you to help me through the exam or test even know my talent in the (diesel mechanics). Thank you for read. I hope that you will help me through grant

  183. Samara says:

    I am from Asia,Pakistan. I am having 16 years of education.Would u guide me regarding fee discount criteria and how i will get the visa so that i will start my study at UK university.

  184. terrence says:

    Hello i zm Terrence wishing to study law llb undergraduate in the u.k i want to ask can i get a scholatship or what is the cheapest university

  185. Adediran Rhoda says:

    My name is Rhoda,am from Nigeria, I graduated with a second lower in geology and did my master degree in Petroleum geology and have 64%. I wish to study Geographical information System in Kingston university London, I was taught throughout my education in English language,do I need to write an exam proving that am taught in English language? And after my graduation from the school can I stay back to work in the United Kingdom?

    • Study London says:

      Hello, it is up to the university to decide whether they would like to see an English language certificate. In some cases, if you can show that all your education took place in English, you may not need to provide an English language certificate. Either way, you can submit your application without the English language certificate and the university will let you know if it is required. This does not affect your chances of gaining a place on the course.

      With regards to working after your studies, you can find more information about the different visa routes for graduates here.

  186. junaid says:

    Hello sir I am junaid . I complete the my bs.c in computer science and I want to started a mc.s in London university. So guide me how that’s impossible to apply this university. And how many cast to spend this visa for totally fees . So please guide me thanks.

  187. Bridget says:

    Hello i would like to study earth science.is there any university i can study with tuition and fees at £8000?

  188. Shrishti says:

    I got overall 5.5 band in ielts
    Speaking: 6
    Writing: 5.5
    Reading: 4.5
    Listening: 5
    So am i eligible to apply for bsc nursing course.
    I am an undergraduate student.
    Thank you

    • Study London says:

      Hello, every university has different entry and English language requirements. Please contact the universities you are interested in directly for information about their specific requirements.

  189. Karishma says:

    I’m planning to do llm in london. I wanted to ask whether I can work by the time I clear QLTS with the salary of £20,800? Are there any posts that allow foreign lawyers to work to without QLTS?
    Please help.

  190. Rakibul Islam says:

    Dear Sir, I want to come to a university or college in London but I have a budget of £5-£5.5k,in any course,can you suggest me some names?

  191. Edward jumbula mgeta says:

    Hi I’m come from in Tanzania pl ease i found any college in London which awarded 1st degree of animal science;cost £ 2000

  192. Dilini says:

    Hello, I wish to study in Genetic Engineering. So I would like to know about courses and the whether I can have a scholarship.

  193. Rohan George says:

    Dear sir/madam
    I am an indian and i wish to study in a college in uk for mbbs. can u suggest some colleges that r under 10k?

  194. sidra says:

    hi i wann to do english course in uk plz suggest me any school or college with lowest fee where i would pay fee in installments plz reply fast

  195. Mopoun says:

    Dear sir/Madam
    I am a holder of an Advance level certificate and I do not know the type of student I am. Please, can you highlight me on this?

  196. amber says:

    Sir whould u plz tell me about fee detail of queen marry and london university for LLM courses.thank you

  197. umair ali says:

    Hi I am umair ali from Pakistan I done my intermediate in Pre engineering now I want to study in London in business foundation programe without IELTS so please can you tell me what is admission requirment and what is minimum fees structure?

  198. Richard says:

    Sir am Richard from nigerian,can i have full scholarship doing a top-up degree programe in any of the schools and also what is the minimum duration for doing master degree in uk tnxs.

  199. S. Ali asghar says:

    How many universities offer scholarship for Masters degree in Hotel Management ???

  200. Danish Inamdar says:

    Sir I am from India. I have finished my bachelor of engineering in computer science. I wish to have a master degree in UK. Plz suggest me what are the possible courses I can opt.

  201. Nayera says:

    Hello Sir,
    I’m an Egyptian IGCSE student with 8 OLevels and 2 AS. I want to know do my subjects qualify me for a foundation year in Computer Science or Engineering?
    Thank you.

  202. Vctoria says:

    If it is possible to transfer from italian university? What requirements should i have?

  203. Sumama says:

    Hey I actually wanted to ask that is there any university in lonion or UK that offers evening or part time program for mbbs

  204. Muhammad Adnan says:

    I want to study in london in Bsc what requirements should I have

  205. Kwame says:

    I just relocated to London with my wife. She is on a secondment for 2 years with a UK firm. I on the other hand want to take and take up a Masters Programme for a year. I am looking at Finance programme with a very low budget and a chance to get a scholarship. Any recommendations

  206. Elijah says:

    Hello am a graduate of computer science from Nigeria, i would like to know possibilities in getting scholarships in Europe (part or in full) for a post- graduate study (MSc.)in Cyber security or any other computer science related courses.
    I am resident in Nigeria.Thanks

  207. Er Harsumer Singh says:

    Hello sir mam,, i Got my M. tech in cse and i have a low budget … is any small course available for me after postgraduate in abroad…how many years of visa will be provided

  208. Shalini says:

    Hello..This is Shalini from India,chennai. I have completed my Msc information technology now. I want to do an another pg degree in London .i just want to know a cheapest fee college. As I have gone through many colleges I found university of Westminster is offering very low cost from their website. It was just 1500 pounds for international tuition fee. So I just want to know whether the information provided on the website is appropriate.

  209. Ruchi says:

    Hi, I am in class 12 and I study in Mumbai. I want to do my MBBS from UK so I wanted to know about the procedure for admission and maybe a few good universities which fees of about maybe 15-18000 pounds per academic term.

  210. Shahbaz says:

    Hello am a DAE of civil Engineering and I wAnt admission in BSC civil Engineering lond cheapest university which fees is much low and university is good. Plz tell me maximum fees and minimum fees this course with all accommodation. I am from Pakistan how I am got study visa and am not have ielts plz tell me….

  211. Michael says:

    Am in search of any university that i can study either mass communication,
    International relations, or
    Public relations with a 2nd class lower in mass communication

  212. Krishan says:

    This is Krishan. I have completed my Bsc Information technology now. I want to do a post-graduate study(MSc.) in London.I just want to know the cheapest Universities and where can I get a Software Quality Assurance post-graduate.

  213. Muhammad Harris says:

    Dear sir/ Maam,
    I am a Mechatronics Engineer i was doing a job for 2 years but i have keen desire to study Computer sciences. I have searched and find some relevant courses. I have a biggest problem that i have only one year Expenses. I would like to know if it possible to earn in the summers and can I earn enough to fulfill the expenditures for second year. Are there any jobs for Students ?


  214. Yulia says:

    Hi! I’m from Ukraine. I finished 11 years of school and 2 years of university studying English and German language. I stopped my studies because of 2 years of traveling. Now I’m back and to renew it but in London.
    I would like to know what do I need for that. Can I straight apply for university? Or, Do I need to take a foundation course?
    What do I get after this course? And do I need to pass the entry exams for university after it?

    • Study London says:

      Hi Yulia, your best option is to contact the admissions teams at the universities you are interested in directly. Send them your university transcripts and they will be able to advise you whether you can apply directly for a degree course or if you require a foundation course. Different universities may assess your university transcripts differently so it is worth contacting several universities.

  215. Lee says:

    Hi. This is Lee from Philippines. I just finished 4years course which is International Travel and Tourism Management in Lyceum of the Philippines. I would like to ask what should Course type should I look for? And for how many years? Thanks

    • Study London says:

      Hi Lee, as you have completed a 4 year bachelor degree you can now look at a masters course or PhD degree. Masters courses are usually one year and focus on lectures and seminars, whereas a PhD is three to four years and involves working on one big research project.

  216. gbadamosi tinuade McKenzie says:

    hi I’m McKenzie, I wanna study in London but the tuition fee is too high so I wanna know about the scholarship exam that covers the tuition fee for the entire course period and the entire living cost

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